How to reintegrate into the financial system and be subject to credit again?

Many people, because at some point they cannot cope with paying their debts, end up excluded from the financial system. This makes it impossible for them to access new loans and credits and can even affect their job search. Nevertheless, reintegrate into the financial system It is possible and here we tell you the different options you have to achieve this goal.

Reinserting into the financial system

Reinsertion into the financial system is not easy and implies the commitment of each person to meet the payment of their obligations and follow the new plan drawn up by their own bank or financial advisor. Here are some options:


Which implies extending the original term scheduled for the settlement of your debt. In this mode, you will be able to pay less in each installment, but the interest rate will increase, so in the end you will end up paying much more interest.

Buying debt

This option is offered by collection companies and banks, through which customers can access more flexible payment options by unifying all their debts under one. As in the previous case, the number of installments will tend to increase and the monthly amount to decrease, but they will end up paying more interest in the end.

Pool a single payment for debt settlement

In addition to the previous two, there is also the Pool program, by AlDía, through which, if you have past due debts, but you have the money to settle the total, AlDía advisors can help you to manage better conditions and benefits for payment total of your debt.

After paying off your debt, we help you in the management of your non-debt letter, as well as in the reinsertion into the financial system, so that you can create a new and good credit rating. Contact us for more information!

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