How to retain customers in the competitive world of e-commerce?

Good customer service, the ability to resolve doubts or objections, the availability of information and after-sales service are increasingly important. This is not only the case in face-to-face sales, but also in e-commerce.

Any business that does not take customer satisfaction into account is a business doomed to failure. It is not enough to offer quality products, it is not enough to have a brand image that transmits prestige, or a good advertising campaign on social networks and the media.

Also in e-commerce, a satisfied customer is a loyal customer, someone who will buy repeatedly, even frequently. Furthermore, satisfied customers can recommend products to their contacts, improving the company’s sales and reputation.

To have satisfied customers, it is necessary to review each and every one of the processes and activities of the different departments that make up the company (marketing, customer service, production). All of this implies implementing a strategy in which customers are the protagonists. And this also applies to online sales.

A good way to know the level of customer satisfaction is to establish several indicators. Thus, aspects such as distribution, the degree of response by email, SEO and SEM positioning, as well as the functionality of the website will be assessed.

Product Information

It is essential to have a detailed file with information about the product or service in question. The lack of information can generate uncertainty in the public and in the absence of data, you can look for other websites where you can make your online purchases. Therefore, accurate data can help attract customers. In this sense, it will be essential to include photographs of the product, technical data, instructions on how to use it, product safety regulations and reviews from other customers.

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Nor should we forget the price, to which visibility must be granted, indicating the corresponding VAT and the amount of shipping costs and the time of the same. Likewise, it is important to show the emblem of the store and present an orderly file, which does not mislead potential buyers. All of this implies offering well-presented, accurate information, but not so abundant that it overwhelms the customer.

A very important detail is to give visibility to the shopping cart icon. It is convenient that it is always available, as it facilitates the transaction. It is best to place it in the upper right part.

Communication with clients

Marketing staff should not only worry about launching a good advertising campaign to publicize the product and position it appropriately. You must also maintain a good communication policy with customers. There needs to be feedback between the company and the buyers.

Obviously it’s always nice to get positive feedback. In this sense, the aspects that the clients indicate favorably, should be promoted. But it is also essential to take into account those negative aspects, which can help correct errors and stay one step ahead of the main competitors.

For there to be true feedback, communication with the client is necessary. Possible options to obtain information about the degree of satisfaction of buyers are the sending of online forms, contact by email, telephone calls from the customer service department and the resolution of doubts and objections through social networks and forums. .

In the communication process between the company and the clients, it is necessary to point out the need to keep the reviews active. These comments and their corresponding evaluations help future customers to form a first opinion. In the face of satisfied old customers, more will dare to take the step and launch themselves into the purchase. A good way to have reviews is to ask the customer to leave their assessment and comments regarding the purchase.


Differentiation through small details

They say that the details make the difference and this also happens in e-commerce. Offering small gifts, discounts, offers and free shipping costs can be highly valued details by the public and that differentiate us from other competitors.

How questions, thank you emails, or customer compensation for mistakes or bad experiences are answered also help strengthen relationships.

Another option to take into account may be the establishment of a customer service 24 hours a day. And it is that, a good after-sales service or a correct and respectful resolution of doubts can help to get customers for life.

In short, good product information, well presented and organized, combined with good marketing campaigns, a functional website and good customer service are decisive when it comes to improving the company’s reputation and building customer loyalty in the market. competitive world of e-commerce.

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