How to write a resume to change careers

The time comes in many people’s career paths to take an alternative path. If you are at that crossroads and want to change your professional career, these are some keys that you should take into account when writing your curriculum vitae.

Show your interest in changing careers

If you have a solid track record in a professional field, whoever reads your CV will tend to pigeonhole you there; in what you’ve been doing so far. It is your mission to make them see beyond that, so that they value you in a new job.

The first thing you should do is express your desire to change careers. Explain it clearly. You could do this in a cover letter or in the text of the email to which you attach your resume. However, the best option is to include it on the resume. So you will always be present when someone comes to the document.

Add the section “professional profile” or “professional objective” and summarize in 3 or 4 lines, not only your wishes to carry out your professional career in the new field, but also your strengths to occupy that job position.

Highlight your transferable skills

That you do not have experience in a specific job does not mean that you do not have skills and competencies for that job. Having worked in another profession will have allowed you to develop certain skills that will be useful in others.

Identify what are the transferable skills between your old profession and your new one. Once you do, you should highlight them on your resume.

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For example, if you have face-to-face customer service experience and aspire to a call center position, the skills you have acquired with the public will serve you well in your new position. If you were in a sales role and now want to switch to marketing, highlight those marketing-related tasks that you did.

Adapt your CV to each job offer

Adjusting your resume to each job offer you send it to is something that should always be done. But in your case, that you want to change your profession, it is even more important. Taking the time to study the job advertisement and the company you are sending your resume to will help you learn more about what they are looking for. So you can adjust your resume and show everything you have that fits your requirements.

Sometimes the little details will make a big difference. For example, even if you do not have experience in a specific job, if you have it in the same sector, make your knowledge of the market clear. This will be a point in your favor.

Now that you have your resume written, be patient and send it to the job offers that interest you, even if you do not meet the requirements one hundred percent. You are not the one to value that, it will have to be the company who decides whether or not you fit in the job. Changing your professional career requires perseverance and courage, you should always keep in mind that it is possible.

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