I have a debt written off by Infocorp. How long does it take to delete it?

A written off debt it can prevent you from enjoying many financial benefits. For example, accessing loans or credit when you need it. The worst thing is that a written off debt It is not usually resolved soon, even when you settle your debt, since it remains for a certain period in the databases of risk centers such as Infocorp. So, here comes an important question, how long does it take to clear a past due debt reported to Equifax?

How long is a written-off debt recorded?

How long is a debt registered?

The only way that a written-off debt is really erased from the credit bureaus is to make your debt liquid, otherwise your credit rating will not change. Of course, for the Infocorp file to show that you have paid off your debt and you no longer owe anything to the corresponding financial institution, at least 60 days must pass.

There are situations when the written-off debt remains longer than just this period, this is due to the fact that the information, despite the fact that you paid the total amount you owed, has not been updated because the bank in question has not passed it on to the risk center. corresponding data. This error can be solved in two ways, either you wait for the same bank to notify the settlement, or you approach Equifax with the letter of no debt issued by the financial institution.

So, is it enough to cancel my debt to be able to access loans and credits?

just cancel a debt

When you cancel your debt, it is not that your delinquency report is deleted from the system, what will happen is that your debt appears as “canceled debt”, but the incident will remain on your record for two more years. After this, to re-enter the financial system, you must request a new loan or credit and demonstrate, with timely payments, to the banks that they can trust you again. However, accessing these financial benefits is not so easy when there is a bad debt report.

What solution exists to reintegrate into the financial system?

There are programs that can help you reinsert yourself into the financial system after paying off your debt, with better conditions on your loans and / or credits, for example, Reinsert of alDía. This program arises in alliance with a bank, which by receiving a liquid guarantee allows you to access a loan that allows you to regain your credit rating without having to suffer years of punishment. If you are interested in knowing more about REINSERT, Contact us!

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