I want to go live alone!

As the years go by for young people, a certain need for independence appears that will end with moving from the family home to a new independent home.

It may also happen that, due to work needs, the need to move to a new city arises and it is necessary to be able to find a flat to live in as soon as possible.

Digitization has made life easier for all those people looking for a flat. Thanks to the birth of specialized websites or apps such as Rentola, the real estate market has become more accessible to everyone.

Let’s see the stages you should follow to find the apartment of your dreams.

Things to do before renting an apartment

Searching for a house is certainly an activity that requires time and patience. It is important to evaluate all the options and define what your needs are before taking the next step.

First of all, it is essential to choose the area in which you want to live, perhaps analyzing whether a particular neighborhood can provide you with everything you need. Some areas of the city could be more recommendable thanks to the presence of supermarkets, hospitals, churches and offices within walking distance. On the other hand, others can offer other advantages such as the presence of restaurants and bars, without worrying too much about the noise and chaos caused by the nightlife.

Another factor to consider is distance. from the workplace or from the university in the case of students. This is very important because a lot of time a week is spent commuting between home and school or work.

Some people prefer to pay higher rent but stay close to where they need to go, while others prefer to get up earlier in the morning and live in an area with other services.

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According to some economists, the rent corresponds to approximately 30% of the salary, not to mention that, living alone, other expenses must be faced such as those related to food, electricity, water or internet.

If a student, even with the help of their parents or generating extra income, chose a home that is too expensive, they would risk living in a compromised situation to pay in the long term.

Autonomy or desire for sociability?

Many times when you decide to live alone, it is normal to look for other roommates to share all the expenses, but also to face the new experience in a more carefree way.

Obviously, this can have both advantages and disadvantages, since living with other people can be difficult if good rules of coexistence are not established or if differences arise between the different roommates.

Although it is true, renting a house perhaps smaller, but for one person, guarantees greater freedom. Therefore, you have to be able to find a balance between the desire for privacy and economic savings.

Know how to introduce yourself

Homeowners who decide to rent seek to have tenants who provide them with peace of mind and security. A house is an asset that costs a lot of money and the owners want to avoid damage and ensure payment every month.

For this reason, it is essential that the person interested in renting the house makes a good impression. In order to achieve this, we give you some tips.

You have to show that you are able to cover the cost of renting each month together with the expenses, which may even vary from month to month, leaving an initial deposit to guarantee the commitment.

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It may be helpful to provide some references, perhaps prepared by the employer or university professors. Avoid having letters written by friends and family, because they could upset the owners and play against you.

The research phase

After having established the budget and the area to search for a house, it is important to move on to the second phase. This stage begins by consulting real estate agencies, applications or online advertisements. In short, trying to understand if our forecasts can be realized or if we need to change some parameters.

If you find a house that you like it is important not to get carried away by emotion and avoid making an offer right away. We recommend evaluating other options to begin to understand how this type of market works.

Prices can vary not only by area and the size of the home, but also by the owner’s need to rent or sell it. There are some people who prefer to agree on the price, even if it is lower, so that they can rent immediately. While others, with good economic situation, are willing to offer houses at prices outside the market in the hope of finding someone willing to pay more.

It is also necessary to think about the situation of the property, for example, if it is necessary to do some reform before being able to live there, taxes or the energy consumption of the house with the equipment it has.

Therefore, it is necessary to take some time, at least 24 hours, thinking about all the pros and cons before deciding whether to choose one house or another. It can also be useful to discuss it with other people, since from a different point of view, they could contribute information that had never been considered.

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make a proposal

Once the decision is made, you will have to go to the real estate agency or fill out the application. In addition, you will have to submit to a credit check, in order to demonstrate that you have all the credentials to support a certain expense, especially in the long term. Sometimes you can request the presence of a third person to protect, in case of problems related to payments.

Once you have passed the above, you must carefully read the lease contract before signing it, thus accepting all the conditions established therein. If there are some points that are not clear to you or in which you do not agree, you have to mediate and find a solution before signing. Otherwise, it is practically impossible to go back or change some specifications later.

Finally, an initial deposit may be required as a security deposit, which is usually the same amount as one month’s rent. This deposit has the objective that the owner can collect from there if there is any damage. In some cases, insurance is taken out to feel more protected.

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