In December, get rid of debt with the Pool program

Many people see the arrival of December as a time of closure, after which, along with a new year, new adventures and challenges begin. For this reason, December is a good month for you to finally say “goodbye” to your debts.

Say goodbye to your debts in December with Pool!

debts in december

Saying goodbye to your debts is not an impossible mission. Especially at this time of year when you can enjoy extra money from your gratification, profits, etc. If this is your case, and you have money with which to pay off your financial debts, let us tell you a little more about Pool.

Pool the AlDía program with which you can pay off your debts

akdia program

Do you have enough money to pay off a past due debt? Now is the time to pay off the Pool program! Thanks to this AlDía plan we help you settle your debt with a single payment. The benefit you get is that we can collectively negotiate your debt (together with that of other people in the same situation as you); That way you can access better payment conditions, for example, discounts for the total settlement.

What else do we do for you?

what else do we do for you

Our work does not end with helping you pay off your debt with the money you have saved; We also help you manage your non-debit letter. This is important, because that way the credit bureaus are notified that you have met your debts, which helps your credit rating improve and it is possible for you to reintegrate into the financial system.

What do you think of Al Día Pool program? The only requirement for you to apply for this program is that you have the total amount to pay off your debt. If you still need time to collect the total and help to reach this goal, we recommend the Mi Junta program: Learn more about My Board here!

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