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If you are reading these words, it is because you are interested in reducing the amount of money that comes out of your bank account month after month. Saving for many people is like a good dream, you want it to come true, but when you go to materialize it, it becomes impossible.

Saving is the key to having good financial health and being able to overcome a bad economic situation without major problems. For this reason, in this article we are going to give you some keys so that you can start saving now. Yes, you read correctly, neither tomorrow nor next week, from this very moment.

I’m also going to be honest, starting to save has only one requirement called willpower. To achieve this, you have to be clear about what you want to do and do your part. In addition, you have to be constant to achieve the goal.

We could say that saving is like a long-distance race, one stride will not get you to the finish line, but each stride is necessary to finish the race.

Now that you know what attitude you have to have to save, let’s take action. Below you can read the best tricks to save month after month.

The key to saving without stopping consuming: Compare

It hurts all of us to stop consuming to start saving, it is the most difficult thing. When you think about it, all expenses are necessary (or so you think), which makes it difficult to decide what to remove from your shopping list.

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Before considering this, it is best to make a list of all those fixed expenses that you have throughout the month. This will help you to have them well identified and to be able to work with them.

Once you have done this, we are going to take the first step to start saving without stopping consuming anything. How is it possible to achieve this? Very simple, comparing.

Our most common consumer behavior is to buy from the first options we see, but this is a mistake. When you analyze the different companies out there and their promotions, you realize that there are many better alternatives than the one you had seen at the beginning.

Today, there are many tools that help you compare the offers of companies that offer the same service. For example, imagine that you want to take out insurance for your car or internet at home. This takes a lot of time if you want to visit the website of each company to see the offers, and you will surely miss some.

However, if you use a comparator such as, you will be able to search for the product that interests you and view all the available offers in a short time.

In this way, starting to compare the offers of the products you consume to choose the best option will be a big step in your monthly savings.

Cost optimization

Once you have taken the first step, now it’s time to continue. It is time to analyze what all your expenses are throughout the month, both fixed and variable.

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When you do this for the first time, you will realize that you can save yourself a lot of things that are unnecessary. That gym membership you don’t use, the last t-shirt you bought from an expensive brand you didn’t need, or going down to the bar every day for coffee when you can make it at home.

Well, you know what costs you money and you don’t need, now it’s time to stop consuming it. I’m going to be honest, it’s a hard process because you have to get used to another level of life, but you’ll appreciate it over time, I assure you.

In conclusion, the main premise to be able to save is to have a well-structured expense that is appropriate to income. It is also necessary to be disciplined and understand the importance of generating a financial cushion to help you face bad economic situations.

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