Influencer Marketing – What is it, definition and concept

In fact, in influencer marketing, companies make a collaboration agreement with an influential person or influencer to promote their brands or products. The purpose is to increase the level of sales. The increase in sales is achieved when the influencer achieves an increase in the number of followers and traffic on the web. This allows the brand and the product to be seen more, but, above all, to be sold more.

Without a doubt, influencer marketing has been very successful in recent years because the use of digital marketing and social networks has become widespread. In this type of marketing, the psychological factor plays a very important role. This is because people tend to believe more in the opinion of other people they love or admire. The popularity of the use of social networks, combined with the psychological aspect, achieves the effective promotion of products and brands.

For that reason, influencer marketing is a great option that companies are using to influence consumer behavior. As a result, they obtain the preference of those consumers towards their brands and products, which is why it is considered a very effective strategy.

What is an influencer?

To begin with, an influencer is a person who is considered an opinion leader in social networks and digital media. Therefore, they come to have a high level of credibility on a given topic or issue. This makes it influence both the behavior and the decisions of its followers.

In addition, influencers can have hundreds or millions of followers. Therefore, they become very important in determining trends and preferences. This, both in the way of dressing, acting and even in the decisions about which products and brands to buy.

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A good influencer should:

  • Being able to connect with all your followers.
  • Demonstrate and convey trust.
  • Have excellent communication skills.
  • Be persevering and constant.

Influencers can impact on topics such as:

  • Fashion and beauty.
  • Fitness and health.
  • Feeding.
  • Games and leisure.
  • Travel and hobbies.
  • Humor and entertainment.
  • Music and artists.

Naturally, an influencer can be a comedian, an artist, a soccer player, an opinion leader, a youtuber, a professional, a communicator or an explorer; among some that we can mention.

What can be achieved with the use of influencer marketing?

Businesses using influencer marketing can accomplish the following:

1. More interactions in the network

First of all, in this type of marketing you can get users to increase their contacts with the brand. In this way, followers or fans are able to issue a greater number of comments or place more likes on the publications. Likewise, content is shared and viralized on social networks.

2. Expand reach and engagement

Secondly, when the company chooses an influencer appropriate to the topic or product it promotes, it manages to get a greater number of users. This allows you to increase your market share. In the same way, the engagement or emotional connection between consumers and brands is increased. These relationships become solid and long-lasting, establishing a commitment between the brands and their consumers and users.

3. Improve brand image

Thirdly, users of digital marketing trust the opinions expressed by influencers, which is why they consider them to be reliable sources of information. Therefore, when an influencer speaks or expresses positive opinions about a brand, the brand strengthens its image and positioning. This, given that these opinions have a lot of credibility among the followers.

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4. Increase sales margin

Finally, influencers become communicators of brands and products. Therefore, they become the point of union between brands and their followers. The more followers an influencer has, the greater the brand awareness and promotion of the products. All this ends up in a higher number of visits to both online and physical stores, producing the final result of increased sales.

Influencer Marketing1
influencer marketing
What can be achieved with its use?

What can influencer marketing be used for?

Businesses generally use influencer marketing for the following purposes:

  • To launch a new product.
  • For the creation and promotion of a new brand.
  • In the promotion of events and actions.
Influencer Marketing 2
influencer marketing
For what could it be used?

Recommendations to successfully use influencer marketing

The most important recommendations to be successful with influencer marketing are:

  • Investigate social networks to find the right influencer, this is the only way to achieve better results.
  • Give an image to the influencer. This must be related to the personality of the influencer and the topic or area in which you want to influence. The theme and personality of the influencer should fit the image and identity of the brand.
  • Plan the strategy to be used. The influencer can generate content using the products or brands, or take advantage of special dates or events to promote the products. Demonstrations on the use of existing products or testing of new products can also be done.

In conclusion, it can be said that influencer marketing is a very effective strategy due to the level of reach it achieves and the low cost it can represent for the company. For that reason, brands are looking at this type of marketing as a good and cost-effective way to promote their products. Above all, considering that digital media do not stop growing.

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