Infocorp: How to know if I am blacklisted

“How know if I am in Infocorp? ” It is one of the most frequent queries that people who have contracted a financial service, such as a loan or credit, have. However, being in this credit bureau is not what should concern them, but being in the Infocorp blacklist, but why?

Infocorp: That is the list negra?

What is the infocorp blacklist?

Peruvians, over 18 years old, appear in Infocorp, so being in this credit registry is not a problem, but rather the rating we have on this portal. This is because, if our credit rating is bad, it means that we are in the Infocorp blacklist and that, therefore, we appear as subjects of high risk before financial institutions, for which they will not lend us money, nor will they give us credits if we request them.

Next, we will tell you how you can know if you are on the Infocorp blacklist and how you can get out of it.

How do you know if you are on the Infocorp blacklist?

how to know if you are on the infocorp blacklist

To know if you are reported with a bad rating in Infocorp you just have to enter the Equifax website (at this link: and buy your debt report.

The debt report costs S / .29.90 and contains the detail of all your debts and your level of indebtedness, as well as your score in Equifax which is a rating that allows you to predict the probability of payment of your debts, in the next 12 months . This information is what financial institutions take into account when deciding to give you a loan or credit, or not.

Knowing your own payment behavior also allows you to know whether or not you are on the Infocorp blacklist without having to request and pay for the report. For example, you are not on the blacklist if you pay all your debts on time and you have no history of delinquency in the payment of financial, commercial debts, debts to companies or services, to government entities, etc.

How to get off the Infocorp blacklist?

how to get off the infocorp blacklist

We share a video about the 5 indicators to measure your financial health. Also, download our newsletter on: How do I know if I am in Infocorp?

To get off the Infocorp blacklist you must pay your debts and work on creating a new and healthy credit history. If you need help to pay your debts and reinsert yourself into the financial system, after having a bad debt, we tell you that we can help you today.

We have the program Reinsert in which, in association with a bank and with a liquid guarantee, we help you to access a new loan that allows you, after having settled your debt, to become attractive again for financial institutions and to get out of the black list of Infocorp . Contact us for more information!

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