Innovation experience – What is it, definition and concept | 2022

The innovation experience is an approach that seeks to establish a connection between companies and the experience of their consumers in order to generate innovation.

In other words, companies try to connect with the emotions and feelings that are created in the experience of their consumers to generate innovation processes. So that these changes can improve the experience when searching, buying and using the goods and services that the company sells.

Indeed, companies use the use of experiential marketing to achieve this goal. Experiential marketing is the instrument used by organizations to be able to innovate from the customer experience. In this way, value is added to the customer through their own experience and this becomes a competitive advantage for the company.

Undoubtedly, innovation is an important element for success. For that reason, companies try to offer different and superior experiences to their customers. Today, innovation is related not only to the innovation of the products themselves, but also to everything related to adding value to the consumer experience.

How to innovate based on customer experience?

Naturally, to achieve innovation based on the customer experience, the first thing that has to be done is to know the customer and find ways to add value to them. Adding value involves improving the product and service offered, as well as generating positive emotions in the people who buy and use them.

Of course, an important element is the product. The product must be designed and function according to the needs of the consumer. Therefore, the activity, the environment and the context must be known as the client uses the product. This is achieved by identifying all the tangible and intangible points of contact that the user has with the product, which allows identifying the actions and emotions of the user.

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Knowing these aspects helps identify opportunities for improvement and change what is not working. This is where you can innovate from the customer experience.

Important terms to understand the innovation experience

To better understand the innovation experience, it is necessary to understand the following terms:

Who is the client?

First of all, we have to ask ourselves who the customer is. The customer is the person who buys the product offered by the company. That is, he is the person who makes the decision to acquire and buy the product. Therefore, to innovate and add value to the client, we have to learn to think how our client thinks.

What is the customer experience?

Second, we need to define what the customer experience is. The customer experience is the set of experiences that a customer forms at all the points of contact he has with the company. Each point of contact must be satisfactory in order to improve your experience.

The more satisfying each relationship contact is, the more likely you are to retain loyal customers. The personal treatment, the information search process, the purchase process, the company’s policies and prices are points of contact. Also when the client uses the goods and services that he acquires.

What does the customer need to buy?

Third, we must know what the customer buys. Everything a customer buys is to satisfy a specific need. The client does not buy only products, but a set of benefits that provide a satisfaction greater than his need. Therefore, when innovating, we seek to improve products, services, processes, policies and any element that adds value to the customer.

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In order to better satisfy the customer’s need, it is necessary to think from the customer’s experience. The client is the expert, to innovate it is the client that we must ask and from that perspective provide a better solution. The client is the best ally to achieve a more efficient innovation process.

Innovation Experience 1
Important terms to understand the innovation experience

Steps in the innovation experience

The steps followed in the innovation experience process are:

  • Determine the main objective of the client: This refers to what the user expects to get when contacting the company.
  • Design the stages of the customer journey: To do this, you need to create a map that records all the steps that the client follows to achieve their goals. This is where it is possible to collect the sensations, emotions and experiences of the user.
  • Collect important information: The information can include the knowledge of what is the specific need of each user, forming a clear idea of ​​what he needs. In this sense, it is important to know the activities carried out in each process to reach its goal, as well as to identify the points of contact with the company. In general, you need to know what you want, how you want it, and when you want it.
Innovation Experience 2
innovation experience

Conclusion on the innovation experience

Companies are using open innovation models, in which ideas from company experts are combined with the ideas and experiences of customers. This model has been driven by the development of information technologies.

Innovation projects arise from the interaction between the company and its users. The main objective is to seek innovative solutions thinking from the customer’s experience. These solutions could be more effective and less expensive. But, above all, they manage to retain customers.

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