Intrapreneur – What it is, definition and concept

The term intrapreneur is used to designate the person who is capable of developing an entrepreneurial behavior with the support of the company in which he works. It does all this by discovering, evaluating and taking advantage of new business opportunities.

In other words, an intrapreneur is a worker who has the qualities and support of his employers to undertake within his company.

It is important to mention that the intrapreneur is a professional who innovates or develops a new business opportunity within a company. As he is an employee, the company remunerates him with a salary to carry out the business project and carry it out. This remuneration is awarded because this person becomes the person responsible for developing and implementing the project.

Additionally, intrapreneurs make organizations evolve because they innovate and find new areas of opportunity in business. They are also capable of introducing and producing new products, processes and services. This is what generates change and allows the organization or company to evolve.

Characteristics of an intrapreneur

The main characteristics of an intrapreneur are:

  • You are an employee of the company: This employee has entrepreneurial skills and becomes the person responsible for developing new business ideas.
  • Has a sense of belonging: All the new ideas and projects they develop contribute to the growth and evolution of the company. For that reason, he is very committed to its mission, vision and values; because he is a member of the organization.
  • Use company resources: The intrapreneur uses the infrastructure of the company, as well as the human, material and financial resources of the firm to carry out the projects. Therefore, the results of these projects should favor the growth of the company.
  • Does not assume individual risk: The risk assumed by the intrapreneur is business risk, since he does not risk his own capital. The capital that is risked in these projects is the capital of the company.
  • Make business decisions: Being responsible for the development and implementation of the project, the intrapreneur makes business decisions. Although, as already mentioned, the capital at risk belongs to the organization.
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Trait of an intrapreneur

The intrapreneur starts from an existing organizational infrastructure and makes the organization grow. Therefore, it has the following features:

  • Desire to excel.
  • Long-term vision.
  • Has leadership and initiative.
  • You are open to change and flexibility.
  • He is responsible and persevering.
  • Has decision-making and problem-solving capacity.
  • Plan and be organized.

What does an intrapreneur bring to an organization?

Without a doubt, an intrapreneur makes great contributions to the company to which he belongs. The most important contributions are:

  • The company wins by improving productivity and efficiency.
  • The intrapreneur serves as a model for other employees, motivating them to innovate and find new business opportunities.
  • It gives the opportunity to research, expand and take advantage of new business opportunities.
  • Helps innovate the use of business resources.
  • Accelerates innovation processes by offering better solutions to changes in the business environment.
  • The company evolves at the pace of technological changes.

How is your profile?

Generally, an intrapreneur is a person who puts a lot of interest and dedication to their work. They are employees who are always available and enthusiastically working serving the company. In addition, they like to be recognized for the work they do.

An intrapreneur is recognized for his:

  • High performance at work: High performance is achieved by being committed and motivated people with their work
  • Initiative capacity: They are people who are always one step ahead, make decisions and can direct teamwork.
  • High level of perseverance: Their perseverance is manifested because they never give up and are always looking for a way to achieve their goals.
  • Security: They show great confidence in their abilities and abilities to have successful results.
  • Creativity: They are always open to change and try new things, and therefore are able to propose innovative solutions.
Intrapreneur 2

In conclusion, it can be said that the intrapreneur is the person who turns new business ideas into realities within a company. In the same way, they turn out to be the most important actors for the change and innovation process to take place within organizations. For this reason, intrapreneurs have to be proactive, capable of innovating, making decisions and taking risks.

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