Is the purchase of debt the solution to exit Infocorp?

When you have looked for a way to deal with the payment of your debts, you have surely found the service of debt purchase offered by different financial institutions. But do you know what it is about and if this is really the best option to leave Infocorp?

Everything you need to know about buying debt

purchase of debt the solution to exit Infocorp

Let’s start by telling you what is debt purchase. It is a service offered by financial institutions through which you consolidate all your debts into one before a single entity. That way, you will have a single fixed monthly amount to pay, instead of different receipts, for different installments.

Buying debts offers advantages, for example, reducing the payment of interest and bank commissions, as well as better control for the payment of your monthly payments. However, not all that glitters is gold, so you should also pay attention to the downsides of purchase of debts. For instance:

Penalties for prepayments

Penalty for extra payments

Sometimes, debt purchase contracts do not let you overpay a monthly payment without charging you a penalty for it.

Penalties for prepayments

Some financial entities charge you penalties for paying a fee in advance.

Not all banks buy your debt if they are in Infocorp

Along with all of the above, not all financial institutions that offer the purchase of debt will assign it to you if you have one written off debt in Infocorp.

So is buying debt the best option to get out of Infocorp?

Not if you have other more profitable options that allow you pay your debt in less time, with greater benefits. For example, there are programs like Mi Junta that allow you to save monthly (for 3, 6 or 9 months) in an individual protected fund, to then negotiate your debt in bulk with the bank and thus obtain benefits as discounts. Would you like to know more about this program? We can help you! Get in touch with the advisors of the Al Día team.

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