It is true that debt rescheduling affects credit history

When we have problems dealing with the payment of our debts, we look for different alternatives to prevent it from becoming more difficult to pay. So we can choose options such as refinancing, buying debt, freezing debts or rescheduling debts. However, when choosing one you have to think about how much this decision affects our credit history.

Debt rescheduling, what you need to know

debt rescheduling

In this publication we want to focus on debt rescheduling and that you can know how this option may or may not affect your credit historySo you can make an informed decision.

Does rescheduling my debt affect my credit history?

rescheduling affects my credit history

No, rescheduling is one of the options that financial institutions offer you, to deal with your debts, without affecting your credit score. However, there are requirements so that you can reschedule a debt, the most important is that you are up to date on your payments and have not fallen behind in the monthly payment. In that sense, you must request rescheduling before your payment deadline.

Is it better to reschedule or pay the minimum amount?

it is better to reschedule or refinance

If you consider that you will soon have the money to pay your debt, it is better to request rescheduling, since the payment of the minimum amount for the month pays a higher percentage of interest and commissions on the credit or loan than the amount borrowed.

What to do if I am already behind in paying my debts?

Delays in the payment of debts cause the financial institution to generate a report before the SBS and risk centers, which changes your credit score, therefore, it is important that, if this happens to you, you solve your situation as soon as possible.

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