Know the status of your credits with the SBS debt report

Many are afraid to be in Infocorp, but they forget that there is a higher entity in which debts are not forgotten. It is the SBS (Superintendency of Banking and Insurance), whose information is reviewed by all financial entities before deciding whether or not to grant you a credit or loan.

Do you know how SBS sees you? If not, it’s time to find out. After all, unlike the Infocorp report, the SBS report is free.

Why is it important to know how SBS sees you?

how the SBS sees you

To have good financial health we must be aware of our credit history. The SBS report (which includes our history) is not only consulted by financial entities, but also by the companies to which we apply for work or even those who evaluate renting us a movable or immovable property. And it is that after all, it is this history that will guarantee whether or not we are good payers.

It is enough that you have a bad debt so that your credit history changes. That is why you must be aware of all the debts you have and if the payment of these is up to date. Next, we will tell you how you can obtain the SBS debt report and what information it will provide you.

How to get the free SBS debt report?

SBS debt report

The debt report can be obtained virtually or in person. Due to the situation, we will tell you more about the first one. Online you can get the report through the web or the mobile application. It is quite simple since you will only have to fill in the registration data with your ID information. The online report is free and is delivered immediately. Here we leave you the link so you can fill it out and know how the banks see you:

What information does the SBS report provide?


In the report you will not only be able to know what your credit rating is; In addition, you will know the status of your debts (if they are paid or not, the amount to which they amount); Likewise, you will know the credit lines that are contracted in your name.

What to do if you detect debts in your report?

If after accessing and viewing your SBS debt report you realize that you have overdue or penalized debts and you want to solve them, at AlDia we are waiting for you with our group of advisors to help you improve your financial health: settle your debt, get out of debt. Infocorp blacklist and reinsert yourself into the financial system.

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