Local SEO – What it is, definition and concept

Local SEO is a strategy that includes a series of techniques to improve the positioning of a brand according to a specific location.

In other words, it is a type of SEO that is based on improving the position of a brand when it is searched by users, but according to a specific geographical parameter.

The emergence of the Internet and new technologies has led to social and business change at all levels.

Trademarks have an online presence through social networks, online advertising, websites and various platforms that allow them to be in contact with users and potential clients.

Because of this, positioning has become essential in relation to the Internet. Companies want users to find them immediately when they search online and for this they use strategies related to SEO and SEM positioning.

Within the strategies related to SEO, local SEO can be distinguished. In this case, what is carried out is a positioning related to the location of the business.

Users search on a topic by adding a specific location. For example, masseurs in Albacete.

These are very precise searches in which Google can offer a series of results that favor the user experience through better options as a result of the searches carried out.

Why is local SEO important?

This type of positioning should be highlighted for the following:

  • They are searches that include a geographic component.
  • The user takes into account the use of keywords in which different localizations are included. Therefore, the company itself must work on those specific keywords so that users can find it immediately.
  • Thanks to local SEO, users will be able to find better results, since Google takes into account keywords related to geographic location and will offer more specific results.
  • Companies that are focused on this type of positioning and work on it, increase the chances that their potential clients will find them much earlier.
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Guidelines to improve the local SEO of a business

These are the most important to consider:

  • Open a tab in Google My Business: It is a very powerful tool that Google offers to improve the local positioning of the companies that use it. Users normally use the map that Google has and there they can know the businesses that stand out in a specific area. It is a totally free service and easy to manage, since different data can be included. For example, phone number, images, logo and opening hours, among others.
  • Keywords: When creating a website and developing the content and structure, it is important to include keywords that are related to the location. Tags can be entered on the web page that include the name of the city, as well as meta descriptions or images of that specific place.
  • Images: Images can also be a good option for local positioning, as they are often used for searches by users. Ideally, use them on the page and always save them with the name that relates to the company.
  • Directories: This is an option that you can use, as long as they are quality directories. This will enhance the visibility of a business and links to the website itself can be used.
  • Links to other websites in the area: You can include on your own website links that point to other relevant pages in the area where you want to position yourself. This will help them find your business too.

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