May 2021 not surprise you with more overdue debts!

While having overdue debts In Peru, it does not merit jail time, it can affect our personal finances. For example, it can prevent us from accessing a loan or credit when we really need it.

To end your overdue debts and all the negative consequences that these can bring to your life, there are different solutions provided by expert personal finance companies such as alDía.

What are the solutions to end past due debts?

overdue debt solutions

alDía is a company specialized in providing financial advice to people who, like you, have a problem related to debts, whether they are loans or credits with different financial institutions. As a company, we have advisers who will study your case and help you find the solution you need, for example, put together a settlement plan.

But this is not all, at alDía we also have three plans that will be useful to obtain better conditions and pay off your debt in a short time. Get to know them all!

My board

My Board program

This program is perfect if you are more than 60 days late in paying your debt. With him we take care of bringing together people who have the same problem as you in order to group their debts and negotiate better conditions and benefits so that they can pay off the amount they owe.

After that, in order to cancel your debt, you will open a personal savings fund of 3, 6 or 9 months, during which time you will be able to collect the amount agreed with the bank to get out of your debt at the end. The best thing is that during the duration of the program you will have permanent advice from alDía! This is how we help you achieve your goal.


Pool program

This is a program that aims to help you settle your debt in a single payment, reducing the cost of interest and commissions through massive debt negotiation. To participate in this program, you only have to have the money to fully pay the amount you owe to the bank (or to another financial institution).

After getting you to cancel this debt that has caused you so many headaches, our team will help you manage your letter of no debt; In the same way, we help you in the process of financial reintegration, so you will create a new and good rating before the SBS and risk centers.


reinsert program

This program is the one you need if you want to reinsert yourself into the financial system after having had a written off debt or because you have a bad record in credit bureaus. With Reinserta alDía, in alliance with a bank, through liquid guarantee, you will be able to access a loan that allows you to regain your credit rating without having to wait for years of punishment.

Are you interested in any of these solutions? Contact us! Our advisors will be happy to help you.

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