MBA – What is it, definition and concept | 2022

The term MBA refers to a business master’s degree that prepares graduates to acquire all kinds of managerial skills. What enables them to hold important positions within a company.

In other words, an MBA trains students in different technical, managerial, and leadership skills and abilities. Which are necessary to be able to assume directive and managerial positions within organizations. For that reason, knowledge is received from all the areas that make up a company.

Indeed, the areas of study that are given more importance are: economics, accounting, administration, finance and marketing. Given that all this knowledge enables the professional to acquire decision-making skills and to manage the different business activities.

All this allows the professional to become an entrepreneur. Or occupy important positions within the companies of the different industrial and commercial sectors.

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Now, the acronym MBA (Master Business Administration) comes from the English language and is translated into Spanish as a master’s degree in business administration. This type of degree is offered at universities and business schools.

It is one of the best options that a person who wants to better face the labor market can choose. Since, the labor market is becoming more competitive and demands greater skills from workers.

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What types of MBA degrees are offered?

Of course, the offer of MBA degrees is very varied. The reason is that we are facing a world where changes are continually taking place in many sectors. Like, for example, the needs for the new types of businesses that are appearing. This implies that the requirements within the labor and business market in general change. Forcing the academic sector to offer new MBA offer proposals that are better adjusted to said changes.

Among the different MBA degrees we find:

1.Executive MBA

First, there is the executive MBA. This is a program that is specifically aimed at executives, directors, managers and entrepreneurs. Especially since these people have a great deal of experience in the field of business and already occupy important positions within the company.

For this reason, they cannot abandon their business activities. Universities and business schools allow these people to specialize on a part-time basis. The objective is to reinforce and update the knowledge related to the direction and management of the company.

2.International MBA

Second, you can opt for the International MBA degree. For its part, this program is aimed primarily at people who show interest in dedicating themselves to the area of ​​international business. Therefore, the teaching of academic knowledge is done in the English language. Also, these programs are located in different places around the world.

3.Global MBA

Third is the Global MBA option. This program hopes to respond to the needs that arise in the market of a globalized world. For that reason, professionals get to acquire knowledge and skills that they can apply in any market.

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In other words, by applying this knowledge and skills, good results can be obtained. This, regardless of the country and the situation where you apply them. Generally, this program allows you to use face-to-face and virtual classes. Additionally, more are taught in business schools.

4.Specialist MBA

Finally, another alternative is the Specialist MBA. The Specialist MBA is a program that offers a specific specialty related to business management. Therefore, the specialties could be: marketing, administration, finance and human resources; among some specialties that could be mentioned. Of course, this type of MBA specifically responds to the specific needs of each professional.

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What types of MBA degrees are offered?

Tips for choosing the MBA that best suits your needs

Without a doubt, choosing an MBA degree is a very important decision. Because, on that, our professional, work and business future may depend.

To make a good choice, it is convenient to consider the following questions:

1. What plans do we have for the future?

First of all, this question is very important because it allows us to determine what kind of knowledge and skills we need. Since, this knowledge will help us to better face the market environment where we want to work or compete. Likewise, we could better define the professional profile we need.

2. What universities or business schools offer the MBA?

Then, it is convenient to obtain information about the different universities or business schools that offer the degree we are looking for. Without a doubt, this allows us to make comparisons of the academic quality that we can obtain in the different institutions. In the same way, we can compare prices to find out which one best suits our requirements and possibilities.

3. What are our abilities, aptitudes and limitations?

In addition, it is important to carry out a self-assessment. This evaluation helps us to know if we have the skills and aptitudes necessary to carry out the specialization process. On the other hand, it should be considered whether we have the time and the necessary budget to carry out the specialization. Knowing these data we can find the MBA that best suits our availability of time and money. We can even look for an institution that grants scholarships.

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To make a good choice it is convenient to consider the following questions

In conclusion, it can be said that the MBA degree is one of the main options when choosing a professional specialization. Since it is considered a good tool to be able to compete more efficiently in the labor market and to be able to direct and manage the activities of a company successfully.

Every time new proposals for MBA degrees appear. Because the academic environment must respond to the changes and demands that are appearing in the field of business.

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