Military psychology – What is it, definition and concept | 2022

Military psychology is that specialty within the field of psychology that is dedicated to the investigation, prediction and treatment of behaviors that may occur within the army. Since there can be changing and surprising situations, military psychologists deal with how to manage this by helping the military in these stages.

Military psychology is a branch of psychology focused on investigating and treating behaviors and attitudes that occur in the military. For example, psychological support and treatment for the military, prevention plans to promote mental health in this profession or support in training academies, among other areas of action.

In this sense, military psychology is usually an area of ​​specialization somewhat unknown among the population. However, it has a number of outstanding functions to support the good performance of the armed forces.

What is military psychology for?

Its functions include the following:

  • Applicants to the armed forces must pass physical and psychological tests to evaluate these aspects. Military psychologists intervene in this process together with other specialists such as psychiatrists. With this, it is intended to know the personality of the applicant, how he regulates himself emotionally and rule out any psychopathological behavior. This process is very important, since really stressful situations can be experienced within this profession and knowing the mental state of an individual is essential.
  • Psychological assistance for the military is another of the tasks performed by a specialist psychologist in the military field. In certain events or situations, a military can request this type of help to assess her case. The objective is that you can recover as soon as possible to continue performing your job optimally.
  • Information and prevention plans for drug use is another of the actions in which a military psychologist intervenes. It is intended to train the military to develop a healthy leisure and show them how harmful it can be to consume this type of narcotic.
  • Post-traumatic stress treatment. It may happen that after war conflicts in which the soldiers have been subjected and have been participants in extreme and unpleasant situations, they develop a trauma over time due to the experiences they have lived through. In these cases, the psychologist is in charge of evaluating the professional and applying the necessary treatment.
  • Military education is another of the tasks carried out by military psychologists. For example, they transmit values ​​oriented to the performance of their functions, psychological support during training, teaching programs and research work.
  • Programs aimed at social benefits for people with intellectual disabilities are also launched. Through programs aimed at job placement or workshops.
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The work of the military psychologist is very prominent and varied. They can also intervene in war negotiations or even in the training of social skills, something that is also taken into account within the military field.

What are the main objectives of military psychology?

The priority objectives are the following:

  • Offer answers to the demands that this type of work prints.
  • Provide good psychological counseling for the military.
  • Determine the behavior and psychological aptitudes of the applicants who wish to join the army.
  • Treat and resolve traumas and pathologies that may arise during a soldier’s career.
  • Provide support in the areas of training, research and assistance for members of the army.

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