NATO Open Door Policy | 2022

NATO’s open-door policy consists of the possibility that the parties unanimously decide on the entry of a new member that can help achieve the objectives for which the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created.

Therefore, we are facing a way of doing politics, in this case by a military entity, NATO. What is sought is to allow entry to other countries and thus, at least in theory, improve and promote the principles of the treaty that regulates it.

Like everything, whether it is positive or negative, will depend on how this option is used. If the reasons for its creation and what the objectives are with respect to the member countries are not forgotten, a new entry could represent an advance and a benefit for the members.

NATO’s reason for being

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a military alliance whose regulation is established in the treaty of the same name. Its objective is the collective defense of the member states. For its part, the Eastern bloc signed the Warsaw Pact, as opposed to this.

Its headquarters are in Brussels (Belgium) and it is made up of 30 countries. In addition, it has a program, Peace Association, with which various states collaborate at different levels. Beginning with the Korean War, it became a permanent coalition with a military structure.

Faced with a globalized and changing world, NATO’s open door policy can be a solution to many of its problems. In fact, to a certain extent, as we will see below, it would allow it to have relevant allies in the European arena.

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NATO’s Open Door Policy and the Ukraine War

In 2018, NATO considered allowing the entry of Georgia, a former Soviet republic. Something similar happened with Armenia, which did not become part of it. This was the geostrategic reason why they were also interested in Ukraine’s entry into the treaty.

Thus, in March 2022, the NATO Secretary General argued that Ukraine already meets most of the conditions and, in addition, there are several association agreements in force. In this way, that country modified its Constitution to provide for entry into the European Union and NATO.

In December 2021, Russia requested a written agreement that would prevent Ukraine’s accession. Thus he wanted to avoid being completely surrounded by alliance members. The Russians allege that US influence is behind this, but NATO rejected this request.

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