Nonprofit Marketing – What is it, definition and concept | 2022

Non-profit marketing is based on the application of a series of marketing principles and techniques in non-profit organizations. Its purpose is to achieve social objectives and make its processes more efficient.

It can also be said that non-profit marketing is the set of activities that are applied in the exchange of services and ideas offered by private or public non-profit organizations. All this in exchange for obtaining a social benefit.

That is, it is known as the marketing applied by non-profit organizations. Generally, they are organizations such as religious, scientific, sports and other associations. Which usually offer products that in most cases are services. For which there is no price.

Of course, non-profit marketing is another type of marketing that exists. It is mainly used by social organizations. Because the main objective it pursues is to obtain social benefits for the target audience to which it is directed. Although you can use many of the tools that traditional marketing employs, the goal is not to make a profit.

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How are non-profit marketing organizations financed and subsisting?

Naturally, these organizations can survive thanks to the donations or dues they receive from their contributors. Contributions can be given in the form of money, material resources and raw materials so that the institution can function.

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Therefore, the marketing activities carried out by the non-profit organization obtain a social benefit. The products offered are of an intangible nature because they correspond to the category of services. In other words, there is an exchange of ideas or services by private or public institutions.

To be sure, private non-profit organizations are supported by voluntary donations and sometimes receive public funds. Therefore, they can be partially financed by the government. While, in public non-profit entities, the government has the obligation to contribute to their operation. However, nonprofit marketing focuses more on private organizations.

Nonprofit Marketing 1
non-profit marketing

Characteristics of non-profit marketing

Among the main characteristics of non-profit marketing we find:

1. Serve two types of customers

First of all, this type of marketing caters to two types of customers. The needs of taxpayers and customers who receive benefits must be met. Therefore, the target group is divided into two groups, on the one hand, there are the taxpayers who are responsible for providing donations consisting of financial and material funds.

On the other hand, there are the beneficiaries, this implies that different marketing plans must be developed for each group. What causes a multitude of exchanges between the institution, customers and taxpayers.

2. Offer intangible products

Second, this type of marketing is used to offer intangible products. Because they offer their target market more services and ideas than actual tangible products. Therefore, the marketing management process faces two different problems. One of them is to offer a good service proposal. The other is the problem derived from the non-profit nature of the organization.

3. Its main objective is to obtain a social benefit

Third, marketing focuses on achieving social benefits for the target audience. This benefit can be specifically directed to your target market, or a benefit directed to the whole society.

4. Receive changes in people as a response

Finally, non-profit marketing seeks to achieve significant changes in people as an exchange. These changes can occur in people’s behaviour, attitudes and opinions; which are beneficial. In addition, these objectives are achieved not in the short term, but in the long term.

What can an organization achieve by applying nonprofit marketing?

Indeed, an organization that applies an effective program of this type of marketing can achieve the following achievements:

  • Satisfy and effectively serve its taxpayer market and the clients it serves.
  • Efficient and generally improve all its processes and operations.
  • A greater number of donations and economic contributions are obtained.

How and who apply non-profit marketing?

Clearly, the non-profit marketing process is applied in the same way that for-profit marketing is used. The first thing to do is detect the unsatisfied needs of the target audience. To then create an offer proposal that helps satisfy them.

Among the main organizations that apply non-profit marketing, we find organizations:

  • Religious.
  • Social.
  • Cultural.
  • Professionals.
  • Scientific.
  • Policies.
  • Philanthropic in general.
Nonprofit Marketing 2
non-profit marketing
Examples of campaigns in which it can be used

Examples of non-profit marketing

Some examples of non-profit marketing are campaigns:

  • Against the use of cigarettes.
  • Against domestic violence.
  • Hygiene to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.
  • To promote vaccination and prevent disease.
  • Raise awareness about carrying out regular check-ups to prevent breast cancer.

As a conclusion, it can be affirmed that in non-profit marketing there is an exchange relationship. The exchange takes place between a non-profit institution and a group in society or the whole society. The object of exchange can be an idea, a value, an attitude or a behavior that produces a benefit for a specific group or for the whole society.

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