Nuremberg Laws – What it is, definition and concept

The Nuremberg Laws were a series of laws enacted by the German Third Reich in 1935. Their content limited German citizenship and restricted marriages and relations between Jews and Aryan Germans. All this, in order to purify the German race.

These series of laws were passed by Adolf Hitler and the Government of the Third Reich. The fact that they are so named is due to the fact that they were approved in the city of Nuremberg, on September 15, 1935.

Thus, the National Socialists had come to power two years earlier, with a strong racist, anti-Semitic and ultra-nationalist discourse. In this context, the Nazi government dedicated itself to intoxicating the German population, issuing statements and racist considerations against Jews and all minorities in general.

Populations that, incidentally, have been blamed for the German disaster since the First World War.

Context of the Nuremberg Laws

Since Adolf Hitler came to power in March 1933, one of his main lines of action was to exclude and subsequently exterminate the Jews; first from Germany and then from Europe. Although, later, it would spread to other ethnic groups and groups.

One of the first steps the Third Reich Government takes in its first year is to exclude high-ranking Jewish officials and professionals from practicing their profession, as well as to set a limit on Jewish students.

It is in 1935 when the Nuremberg laws arrive. Laws that explicitly prohibit relations between Jews and Germans.

For the next two years, laws against Jews continue to be published. All this until in November 1938, what is known as “the night of broken glass” or, in German, as “Kristallanacht” took place. This event consisted of a brutal aggression by German forces in favor of Hitler against the Jews and their businesses. In this sense, destroying them completely and destroying them. Thus, this night is considered one of the grave antecedents prior to the Holocaust.

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Finally, with the start of World War II, the extermination plan begins in the concentration camps. A plan that killed millions of people.

Content of the Nuremberg Laws

The content of the Nuremberg Laws is mainly divided into two parts of short content.

The first is the “Reich Citizenship Act.” This consists of three articles. The second article establishes who is considered a German citizen: “Reich citizenship shall be limited to nationals of German or related blood who have given due proof, through their actions, of their will and disposition to serve the people and the Reich. German with loyalty ”.

The second relevant law is «Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor«.

This law is made up of the following articles:

  • Article 1: Marriages between Jews and citizens of German or related blood are prohibited. Although these have been held abroad in order to escape the scope of this law.
  • Article 2: Extramarital carnal commerce between Jews and citizens of German or related blood is prohibited.
  • Article 3: Jews may not employ nationals of kindred German blood under 45 years of age in their home.
  • Article 4: Jews are prohibited from displaying national symbols. Although it is accepted that they display Jewish colors.
  • Article 5: Penalty of imprisonment for whoever violates the provisions of article 1. Prison or imprisonment for those who violate the provisions of article 2. Prison, up to one year, and / or payment of a fine for those who violate articles 3 and 4.

The two remaining articles are of less importance, mentioning how the law will be completed, as well as what day it comes into effect.

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Marriages permitted and prohibited in the laws of Nuremberg

At the same time, the German government published a poster that established which marriages were legal and which were not.

This poster is summarized in the following image:


Thus, the Nazi regime wanted to ensure that the German race was going to be purified. Although, as we already know, they were going to accelerate the process with the mass murders in the extermination camps.

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