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Openbank, the online subsidiary of Banco Santander, continues to be very active in its efforts to attract mortgage clients in full growth of the loan granting. Just a few days after lowering its fixed and mixed mortgages, placing its offer as one of the cheapest at the moment, the entity launches another succulent promotion that allows customers and non-customers to earn up to 2,000 euros for inviting a maximum of ten friends to contract or change your mortgage to Openbank.

Last April, Openbank had already launched a similar offensive to improve its mortgage loan quota, only that on that occasion the gift was 1,000 euros. This time double the money you can get.

The campaign, which is called the Open Amigo Mortgage Plan, pays 200 euros into the Open Checking Account of those clients who get friends or family to sign up for the promotion, which will run until January 31st. You can invite up to ten people from the environment, with which you can receive up to 2,000 euros, according to the bank.

In the case of new users, they must register with the offer before January 31 and contract the Open Mortgage before April 30 included. The amount will be paid one month after the friend meets the conditions. These new customers, in addition, will take 200 euros (in the previous campaign it was 300 euros).

The campaign includes the entire range of fixed, mixed and variable rate mortgages and is in addition to the recent reduction in interest on fixed tranches announced a few days ago. Interest ranges from 1.15% NIR on loans up to 15 years (1.35% APR) to 1.35% NIR (1.54% APR) for terms between 26 and 30 years.

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In mixed mortgages, it offers a fixed rate for the first ten years of 1.05% NIR (1.25% APR) in terms of less than 15 years and 1.25% NIR (1.44% APR) between 26 and 30 years. As of year eleven, the interest on the loan is in Euribor for all cases plus a differential of 0.49%, provided that the bonus conditions are met.

In the case of loans for amounts greater than 150,000 euros, the client may opt for a reduction in the additional interest of 0.10 points if he opts for a fixed loan and his contract is resolved soon.

To access these requirements, it is necessary to domicile a payroll or pension of at least 900 euros per person and that they take out home insurance with Openbank.

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