Openbank makes its mortgages cheaper and offers more discounts on fixed loans for more than 150,000 euros

Openbank has decided to make its fixed and mixed rate mortgages cheaper again, with the possibility of achieving better prices even for those clients who opt for a fixed loan of more than 150,000 euros if they formalize it before 20 days.

Santander’s digital bank thus lowers the interest on its fixed mortgages to 1.15% NIR on loans up to 15 years term (1.35% APR); in 1.25% NIR in longer terms and for up to 20 years (1.45% APR), 1.30% NIR (1.49% APR) from 21 to 25 years and 1.35% NIR (1 , 54% APR) for loans with a term of between 26 and 30 years.

In mixed mortgages, it offers a fixed rate for the first ten years of 1.05% NIR (1.25% APR) in terms of less than 15 years; 1.15% NIR (1.35% APR) from 16 to 20 years; at 1.20% NIR (1.39% APR) from 21 to 25 years and at 1.25% NIR (1.44% APR) between 26 and 30 years.

As of year eleven, the interest on the loan is placed for all cases in Euribor plus a differential of 0.49%, as long as it meets the bonus conditions, as detailed on Tuesday by the bank.

In the case of loans for amounts greater than 150,000 euros, the client may opt for a reduction in the additional interest of 0.10 points if he opts for a fixed loan and his contract is resolved soon.

Specifically, your interest will be reduced by 0.05 points on the usual price if you provide the necessary documents for your hiring before ten days (last payroll, receipts or identity document) and another 0.05 points if you request the appraisal and the note simple to the bank in the next ten days.

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The bank recalled that the offer is open to new clients and others who take the loan to the bank, and that the loans will be exempt from opening commissions, partial amortization, subrogation or change of conditions.

To access these requirements, it is necessary to domicile a payroll or pension of at least 900 euros per person and that they take out home insurance with Openbank.

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