Orange Broker ING – What it is, definition and concept | 2023

The ING Orange Broker of the Dutch banking group ING Direct, is a history in the world of investment. ING is a financial institution, which, like the vast majority of banks, are pure intermediaries or ECNs.

It is precisely the fact that it is one of the most important banks and one of the few systemic ones in Europe, which gives it a very high degree of security. This has as a consequence that many clients trust him.

This broker allows you to trade shares on the Spanish stock markets: Mercado Continuo, MAB, and Latibex. Also on European stock markets such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands, and American stock markets such as the NYSE or the Nasdaq.

It puts at your disposal ETFs from managers such as BlackRock (Ishares), Sociètè Gènèrale (Lyxor), Vanguard, State Street (SPDR), Amundi, Deutsche AM (Db tracker), BBVA AM, ETF Securities, etc.

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In addition, ING offers its investment funds called “Fondos Cartera Naranja”. With them you can invest in the main markets of the world. With the advantage of doing it with a single product adapted to your needs and investor profile. This can be from the most conservative to the most risky and with a minimum management fee of 0.99%.

The commissions charged by ING are very competitive. But somewhat higher than those of InteractiveBrokers and Degiro.

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The rate depends on the number of quarterly operations you make. Applying a base fee if you make less than 15 operations and a lower fee if you make more than 15 operations.

It also allows you to operate with currencies and is exempt from maintenance fees, custody (if you do a minimum of half-yearly operations) or other services.

It also stands out for having a friendly platform and good customer service. In addition, it does not require a minimum capital to open an account. It is regulated by the CNMV and Authorities of your country and has a demo account called Virtual Wallet to do experiments. You can operate on its platform and in a mobile app.

It offers an interesting section of inspiration. In it you can consult expert recommendations, what other investors do with your profile, the most purchased assets of the week and “Portfolio Models” with the greatest prospects for revaluation.

On the negative side, I would only highlight that the commissions are comparatively higher with other brokers. And, for more advanced investors, the variety of products and services offered may be limited.

ING Orange Broker Features

Here you can consult a summary table with all the characteristics of this broker:

ING Orange Broker
minimum initial capital €0
Real time Yeah
Interface Very simple
Regulated by: CNMV (Spain) and AFM (Netherlands Supervisory Authority)
geographic market Spain (continuous market and MAB), Paris, London, Milan, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Brussels and the United States (NYSE and NASDAQ)
Financial products Shares, ETFs, Mutual funds, Pension plans
withdrawals €0
Commissions for operations in shares and ETFs
(more products below)
Spanish and European actions:
€3 + 0.1% less than 15 operations
€3 + 0.05% more than 15 operations
US Stocks: $3 + 0.1%
Exchange rate commissions 0.5%
Custody and maintenance fee €0 (when carrying out at least one operation per quarter)
dividend commission €0
rate report Download full ING rates report
Leverage Not allowed
personalized attention Online, phone and office
Events and seminars No
market reports Income Reports 4

Advantages of the Orange ING Broker

  • Trusted broker backed by a large bank.
  • Sufficient and adapted variety of products and markets. They stand out in investment funds and pension plans.
  • Very good customer service.
  • Competitive commissions to operate, something to take into account especially when being a bank.
  • It allows trading with different currencies.
  • Exempt from commission for maintenance, custody or other services.
  • Easy to use and intuitive platform.
  • It does not require a minimum capital to open an account.
  • It has a demo account called Virtual Wallet to do experiments.
  • Recommendations through “Inspiration”.


  • Comparatively higher commissions with other brokers.
  • The variety of products and services offered may be limited. It does not allow trading with any type of financial derivative (futures, options, CFDs, Forex) or cryptocurrencies.

In summary, the ING Orange Broker has many years of experience and is a guarantee of security for your investments. You can learn about all its features by visiting its website through the following link.

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