Types of operating systems

Types of operating systems are understood to be the classification of operating systems according to their certain characteristics.   That is, depending on the characteristics of an operating system (hereinafter, OS), it can be grouped into one or more typologies. Classification of operating systems This list will show the typologies by which the OS can … Leer más

How to write a resume to change careers

The time comes in many people’s career paths to take an alternative path. If you are at that crossroads and want to change your professional career, these are some keys that you should take into account when writing your curriculum vitae. Show your interest in changing careers If you have a solid track record in … Leer más

Sociogram – What is it, definition and concept

The sociogram is a technique that allows studying the types of interrelationships that exist between individuals, supported by graphic representations. Thus, the sociogram focuses on the social ties that occur within the members of a group, contextualizing the formal and informal ties that exist between them. Importance of the sociogram Thanks to the use of … Leer más

Direct import – What it is, definition and concept

Direct import is the acquisition of direct products from a foreign supplier, without the participation of intermediaries. It also tends to refer to a type of import between foreign retailers and manufacturers. These imports tend to be common for large companies with their own distribution channels. On the other hand, connectivity changed the dynamics from … Leer más