Pool how to get out of bank debts quickly?

The bank debts they cause stress and worry in people. Especially when our financial situation changes and we have trouble paying them. And it is that the delinquencies imply that the interests of the debt increase and that, in addition, our credit rating is harmed.

But get out of bank debts it is possible if we do our part, commit ourselves to paying our responsibilities and organize our finances. At alDía we develop different programs that help our clients to be able to settle their bank debts quickly, that is why today we want to tell you more about Pool, a new program for debt settlement.

What is Pool de alDía? How does it help me pay my bank debts?

what is POOL

Pool is an alDía program that facilitates debt settlement, with a single payment. In this sense, the person must have the total amount of the outstanding debt so that to the day they can negotiate better conditions for the settlement of their debt. The latter is possible thanks to the fact that, every month, we negotiate the debts of all our clients in a massive way, thus accessing more benefits for them.

Here we tell you what the Pool requirements are and the benefits it offers

Daily Pool Program Requirements

POOL program requirements

The only requirement that you must meet for the Pool program is to have the resources to pay off your debt. It does not matter if you are a client of alDía or not, if you are interested in this program you just have to contact us and we will include you in the massive negotiation of debts that we do every month.

Benefits of the daily Pool program

There are different benefits of the Pool program, these are some of them:

  1. As we negotiate debt in bulk, we get more benefits for our clients, for example, better discount opportunities.
  2. We not only help you with the negotiation of the settlement of your debt, but also in the management of your letter of no debt.
  3. Our work does not end here! We can help you reinsert yourself into the financial system and what do you think and a new and good credit rating that makes you attractive again to financial institutions.

Do you want to know more about Pool de alDía? Contact us and we will help you with the settlement of your debt, the management of your letter of no debt and your reinsertion into the financial system!

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