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(Schumann, whose father was a bookseller —but he translated into German for great British writers—, when he was only 9 years old, after attending Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’, he decided to be a pianist and a poet. His father, who loved him very much, dies His sister commits suicide. And his mother, more of a stepmother, forces him to study a career that he does not like, Law, in the capital of his province. The goat goes to the mountains and dedicates himself to studying music and composing. But falls in love with Clara, a pianist, daughter of his teacher, a minor somewhat ‘lolita’, whose mother opposes the relationship. It is not surprising that she suffered from depression: lolita —selene—, stepmother —artemis— and mother-in-law —hecate— , in the worst possible combination and without a father to hug. He had a large family. Introverted, his wife did love him — and very much — despite his psychopathological illnesses, which led him to attempt suicide by jumping into the Rhine. He died with only 46 years leaving the witness to Brahms. I invite you to listen to ‘Forest Scene’ No. 7, ‘The prophet bird ‘,’ Vogel als Prophet ‘, prophet of a mysterious, melancholic and tragic world, but calm, a magical Zero Era: https: // v = sdLBPruwNGEhttps: // .com / watch? v = OtyJYQE3Kw4 Since this pianist is out, by name Arta —we are fed up with the little capitalists of medium hair that surround us—, I recommend that you put on this as the melody of the alarm-alarm clock —’Salut d’Amour ‘, by Elgar—: https: // v = icFGJAB8kV0 Although this interpretation is much better, by Yo Yo Ma: https: // v = p-fVJ352lmY Suggestions of alarm clock melodies are supported. Those that ‘reduermen’ you are not worth, like this one, also by Schumann: https: // V = 6z82w0l6kwEF ‘If You Could Read My Mind’ works very well, by ‘Studio 54’, a disco that we met in his day, but only in this version; I assure you that they wake up very sweetly and, at minute 00:45, they jump out of bed straight to the coffee maker: https: // v = r1W1z_31Obw) POPULARCAPITALISM IS ONE OF THE WORST CANCERS THAT CAPITALISM SUFFERS.- It is logical that the working class, castrated its revolutionaryism in the 1980s, has wanted to declassify itself within the system, but not by acceding to the ownership of Capital-Enterprise, but by metamorphosing into a ‘capitalist’ class – the hackneyed ‘middle classes ‘- becoming usurers of their own children. Capitalist exploitation is nothing compared to popular-capitalist perversity. The capitalist system can live with such a cancer until anti-inflationism is endangered —the capitalists are anti-capitalists: they are pro-inflationists. In the 2000s, ‘Turning Point’ was reached: the system deactivated popularcaitalism (minute 11:32 ‘Stop … I’m afraid … I realize … “): https: // / watch? v = z0_HAND9Uxk The capitalist ‘chemotherapy’ against popular capitalism leaves the working class turned into a capitalist, who realizes their death sentence. But, as they are a natural electoral majority, driven by resentment and joined by the fear, he manages to suspend the healing treatment as soon as an election comes – what else is Brexitrrocesism? – Then the cancer spreads again, making radical surgical removal necessary. Cancer is cured, yes, but if it is not with chemotherapy, it is with surgery. If the patient refuses chemotherapy, you know what awaits you. In ‘The Economist’, the system has just made official the inflection in the Structural Transition from the popular-capitalist model to the Era Cero model: https : // s / 2018/08/11 / our-cities-house-price-index-suggests-the-property-market-is-slowing- «HOUSING CORRECTION: AFTER YEARS OF STRONG GROWTH, PROPERTY PRICES ARE ON THE TURN». However, in Spain, the opposite is advertised: http: // «El house prices increased by 10.7% annually during the second quarter … continuing the upward trend observed in recent quarters. ”We risk the much vaunted ‘Repeat Sales House Price Index ( according to the Case & Shiller methodology applied to Spain) ‘, which the College of Registrars has invented, is a botch —p. eg, there are discretionary adjustments and includes linked sales, that is, ‘self-repeating’ -; ask yourself what type of homes and how many are those whose sale is repeated in Spain. WE ARE INTERESTED IN THAT PEOPLE BELIEVE THAT THE RECESSION / REPINCTURE IS FOR ‘FINANCIAL’ CAUSES —this time it’s time to blame the central banks— AND THAT THE COMING CRASH DOES NOT HAVE TO DO WITH THEIR OWN PISITOFILIA AND CREDITOFAGIA. We are interested in that the workers involved in capitalists believe that the cause of their suffering is evil capitalism and the establishment; But because we know that Brexit-Republican populism is already very mature, on the verge of its collapse. THE BEST SURGERY IS THE FISCAL-TAX. Now, in the Repinchazo, we are interested in having a lot of debate about the future of pensions; because we know that, in terms of income: – first, fixed financial income cannot decrease any further; and- second, the income from Work & Company, in the Pinchazo, have been squeezed to the limit of squeezing —cf. the concept of ‘the working poor. employment in the other productive sectors. Be very careful in Spain, for God’s sake. We are very scared. Look what it says here (page 5): https: // -MREL_Final.pdf- «In absolute terms, the most significant shortfalls would be experienced in Spain (between € 61 bn and € 84 bn)». In other words, the Spanish banks have to issue ‘anti-crisis debt’ —’bailinable’— for an amount of between 61,000 and 84,000 million euros, being the most in need of it in the euro area. Damn Brexitrrocesism! Above all, these emissions are very expensive for us. We are very scared because, not only do we see that the working class turned capitalist is not committed to Capital, but that it acts obscenely against it; apart from the fact that, if it has not served us for the drainage of real estate garbage, much less will it serve for the next Great Bail-in, accessory of the banking / Shadow crisis that the Re-puncture / Recession is going to become . One of the things that turns us on the most is the number of compatriots who welcome Brexit, Trump and the procés, when they are maneuvers that are directly and consciously aimed at making us pay for the Recession. Idiots! See this: https: // «Let the Emerging Market bailouts begin: ‘We Don’t Have Much Choice’ … Spanish banks have lent a lot of money to Turkey. So as that country spins closer to default, those banks and their governments are in danger of having massive holes punched in their financial structures. » the Brexitrumprocesist schemes: https: // // We are looking forward to the Anglosphere get off the rusty tricks and accept its hegemonic responsibility by giving the Recession. Thanks for reading us.
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