Ring in the new year by freeing yourself from overdue debts with banks

The overdue debts they affect our mental and emotional health. They generate stress, anxiety and even depression, but like any problem it has a solution. May pay off a credit debt It is not easy, but the will, and the advice of professionals in financial education can help us to float again and have financial solvency.

Start the new year by eliminating your past due debts

new year with no past due debts

The end of the year allows us to close cycles, end vices and start a better life. For this reason, here we offer you some tips and solutions to end these overdue debts that do not let you live fully. But first, let’s start by talking a bit about financial education.

What is financial education for facing debts?

What is financial education for?

With financial education you will have the knowledge you need to know how to handle your money. Thanks to its domain, you will not only know how to manage your own resources, but also plan your expenses, invest it and save for tomorrow. Once you master financial education, your living condition will improve and you will learn to make better economic decisions that will serve you for now and tomorrow.

Part to end your debts in the financial system

get rid of your past due debts

To obtain the financial solvency that you are looking for so much, it is important that you end those debts that do not let you live, save or invest. But how to achieve it? Now that Christmas is approaching and that many people will receive their bonus or Christmas bonus, a good way to use this money is paying the credit debt that you have or at least a part of them.

If you don’t know how to make good use of your money, you have debts that you cannot pay, or maybe you have one debt lawsuit on Peru, these daily plans can help you.

  • Pool – Pool is a program through which people with debts, who have the resources to pay it off, can join the collective bargaining of debts of alDía. That way, you get better discount opportunities. In addition, alDía helps you in the management of the non-debit letter and in your reinsertion into the financial system.
  • My Board – This program helps you regain your financial health in less than a year. Through this, a series of people are grouped together whose goal is to cancel their debts so that they save monthly in a protected account, generating an individual fund. Thanks to this fund, alDía will manage the best benefits for the settlement of its debts.
  • Reinserta – It is aimed at helping people who have a bad record in Infocorp, to return to the financial system. In that sense, what is sought is to improve their credit rating, for which the candidates must have already paid off their outstanding debt.

With alDía plans you can start a new year debt free! If you need advice, contact us to advise you on the plan for you.

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