Security tips for working with cryptocurrencies

When working with cryptocurrencies, security plays a fundamental role. Our equipment must be a safe from which such a valuable asset cannot escape. It is similar to having cash, you have to keep it in a safe place to avoid theft.

Security in the world of cryptocurrencies is necessary, whether you operate on trusted platforms or on any other of the most famous. Although you have to be clear that there are always external threats and you must be aware of them in order to keep your assets under control.

Security measures for digital assets

We are going to see some of the most common, which will allow you to increase the security of your digital assets.

Keep PC safe

The computer or device from which you operate must be secure. You must have updated antivirus, firewall and other basic devices for Internet protection. Otherwise, there will be people who can get hold of the contents of the computer, including our cryptocurrencies.

Management of our passwords

The main purpose of passwords is to keep the cryptocurrency wallet safe. So we must choose passwords that are not easy to guess by acquaintances or hackers to prevent them from accessing our personal data.

An Exchange is not a store

The cryptocurrency exchange platforms are not banks in which we have to deposit our coins, unless we plan to carry out operations with them. In this sense, there is often confusion. Let’s think that if the Exchange in which we have our cryptocurrencies has some kind of attack, our assets may end up disappearing.

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Beware of Phishing and other techniques

Sometimes, when talking about computer security, it is necessary to be careful with some emails that we may receive or advertisements that are seen on the web pages we visit. There are many pages that are cloned from other legitimate ones in such a way that they can deceive us and have access to personal data and passwords. Use whenever you can a malware tool.

Connections that are secure

Sometimes the problem is not in the computer, but is related to our network, something that is usually very common when we are outside our home and there are many Wi-Fi networks available to use.

In the event that you have to carry out operations with cryptocurrencies outside your home, always use your own network. One option may be the one you have available on your mobile or buying a 4G router that allows access when you are not at home.

Caution in operations

When we make a cryptocurrency transfer, any mistake we make means losing the amount sent. It must be remembered that the assets sent are not linked to an entity or to data that allows us to identify ourselves, which means that there is no possibility of the operation being reversed.

All this makes it important that we verify that the assets we send are directed to the address to which we really want to send them.

discretion above all

Finally, make it clear that whenever possible, it is best to be discreet when talking about our cryptocurrency portfolio. The same thing that we see people who see Facebook when people go on vacation to break into their homes to steal, there are also foreign friends who are looking for people who have a good portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

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As is logical, this does not affect those with assets of hundreds of euros, but it does affect those who have expensive cryptocurrencies or large amounts. For all these reasons, we must act with discretion in this matter, when we are asked about our cryptocurrency wallet. This way we will not attract attention and we will gain greater security, something that is always desirable when operating in this sector.

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