Social interest – What is it, definition and concept | 2022

Social interest is any cause or motivation of a social nature that drives people to unite in order to achieve certain goals. The social interest can be political, economic or religious.

That is to say, that social interest creates a community feeling that drives to achieve objectives that benefit society. This feeling makes the person feel part of society and achieve a better adaptation to the group.

Indeed, the more important society is for the individual, the greater the social interest in manifesting a behavior that is useful and profitable for the social group in which it operates. In settings like family, work, school, church, and any other group you’re a part of.

Now, according to some psychologists such as Alfred Adler, social interest has an innate and an acquired component. The innate component is related to the predisposition that the human being has to socialize. How would be the case of babies who show sympathy for other human beings. Or some reactions like crying when others cry and laughing when others laugh. On the other hand, the acquired component is received through the influence of parents and the culture in general.

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Importance of the development of social interest in people

Without a doubt, the development of this type of interest is very important because it leads each person to maintain a stable personality. Which affects the acceptance of others and the desire to cooperate with others.

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Socialization has a determining and decisive role in the conditions of social life. For this reason, the formation of social interest in the first years of life is essential. This can be achieved with educational and cultural training by the family, school and society in general.

Additionally, social interest does not refer only to particular social behaviors. If not rather to express a true interest in others, in the family, in life, in humanity and in society. It is a genuine concern for social causes and seeking to be of use to others.

Alfred Adler affirmed that many of the deformations of the personality of the human being are produced by lack of social interest. Deformations such as psychosis, neurosis, alcoholism, suicide, perversions and prostitution.

Social Interest 1
Important elements to develop social interest

Important elements to develop social interest

To develop it, the following elements are important:

1. The primary we

First, there is the primary we, which refers to the emotional fusion that is established between a mother and her child. It can be said that the primary we is the first social relationship that a human being has.

Of course, all the other social relationships that you manage to establish throughout your life depend on it. If it is created in a favorable and positive way, a feeling of protection is created in the human being. As well as, a feeling of confidence in oneself and towards others.

2. Feeling of belonging

Second, the person needs to feel part of a group. This allows you to feel identified with the other people who are members of the group. So, you can develop a positive attitude towards others. Since, he feels identified by sharing the same values ​​and the same customs.

3. Logic of convenience

Third, it is important that the human being forms a logic of convenience. This logic leads us to use a series of values, beliefs, feelings, thoughts and principles. Which are common in the relationships of the family, educational, work group and any other social group in general.

Indeed, the logic of coexistence guides the actions of human beings in their daily lives. Forming common sense to follow behaviors that are useful. Of course, the more connected we are with social groups, the higher our social interest will be.

Social Interest 2
Important topics of social interest

Topics of social interest

Among some topics of social interest we find:

In conclusion, it can be said that social interest is an issue of great importance for the development of people and for the well-being of society. Social interest is an innate potential of the human being that gives the ability to relate to others.

But, especially, it encourages him to cooperate with other members of the group in the achievement of certain goals. However, social interest is established and strengthened in an acquired way in the social groups where the person participates. Fundamentally in the family and in the cultural environment.

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