Social Security Notice | 2022

This notification is the reliable communication so that the citizen, freelancer or company has the characteristics and circumstances of some type of procedure. The Social Security treasury can notify through paper or electronically.

In Spain, currently companies, regardless of the number of workers they have salaried and self-employed, are required to receive these notifications electronically. These entrepreneurs have 10 days to consult the notification. If you do not meet this deadline, you can no longer answer the procedure or provide any additional evidence.

In the case of the paper notification, Social Security has to try twice. If the second time you cannot contact the interested party, it will be considered notified and will be published in the BOE of the autonomous community.

Likewise, the term that the notified has is 10 days to attach the pertinent documents or make the allegations that it considers.

What is Social Security?

To know what the notification consists of, it is important to know what Social Security is. Social Security is a public insurer. That is, it covers risks and citizens pay an insurance premium for it. It is in charge of managing pensions such as maternity leave.

What can this Social Security notification contain?

The information contained in these notifications will refer to:

  • Provisions of urgency: it is the way in which the Public Administration claims a liquid and payable overdue debt. It is an executive title.
  • Deferment in the payment of debt.
  • Information regarding temporary disabilities.
  • Debt claim.
  • Resolution of some procedure. These procedures may have to do with Social Security settlements or some sanction that is in process.
  • Improper return.
  • Acts of the administrative procedure that has the Social Security as intervener.
  • Information regarding retirement.
  • Communication of initiation of a procedure: in those cases where after two attempts to notify the address, Social Security considered the person notified, it would mean that an administrative and judicial procedure would be initiated without the citizen having seen it. This means that you may not appear in the procedure or not have complied with the procedure to attach the relevant evidence. This will not be a reason for the citizen or company to claim defenselessness in the procedure.
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