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Talent is one of the fundamental factors that define not only the competitiveness of companies, but also the potential of the territory that hosts it. Because, Being a preferred educational destination is one of the main attractions for foreign investment to Spain, according to the report The differential value of Spain for transformation prepared by SIFDI.

For the president of Multinationals by Spain brand, Beatriz Blasco, “you just have to look at the percentage of the population with tertiary studies” to verify the high coverage of Spanish education. In fact, Spain It is above the OECD average in terms of population with this type of education, in 16th place. “We have a system of both public and private universities that clearly has the capacity to attract international talent,” he assured this Thursday during the presentation of the study.

In this sense, the data show that the educational offer in Spain has 76 universities (49 public and 27 private), which makes it the third economy in the world with the most centers (only below the United Kingdom and Australia). In addition, three Spanish business schools (IESE, Esade and IE Business School) are repeatedly among the main European and world business schools in the most prestigious rankings, according to the report.

Even so, Spain’s position in other rankings still leaves much to be desired. The Director of Investment Strategy of ING Spain, Francisco Quintana, acknowledged that “there are many aspects that need to be improved, such as school dropouts or Vocational Training, which are not fully adapted to the needs of the labor market”. In the 2021 international talent attraction ranking of the OECD, for example, Spain is ranked 27 and is not in the top 10 of any of the seven pillars that make up the analysis.

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For now, as in the last three decades, Spain remains the preferred educational destination for international students. What remains to be consolidated is that, after studies, they stay.

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