Taste It, the online market that works directly with farmers | Fortune

Agriculture and technology. An online market is born in order to deliver agricultural products directly to the consumer. Taste It works directly with small producers who receive a percentage of what the consumer finally pays, eliminating most of the intermediaries that exist from the moment the product is collected until it reaches the end customer. The goal is to create a hyper-connected and sustainable ecosystem for farmers and consumers.

Through this platform, set up by four Spanish entrepreneurs, the goods sent directly by the farmer are received in the mornings, and in the afternoons it reaches the customer.

It was born with the intention of revolutionizing the agricultural sector and hopes to include an internal logistics system and to offer support especially to farmers to improve your operations with the creation of internal software. It plans to expand throughout Spain in 2022, and on the website they offer an assortment of products to fill the pantry. From cheeses from Zamora, seafood from Galicia, vegetables from Almería, legumes from Salamanca, bread and pastries from Madreamiga, infusions from Orballo or eggs from Redondo.

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