Technical organization – What it is, definition and concept

The technical organization consists of looking for an effective and adequate interaction of all the people who participate in the technical process of an organization. This, in order to make the most of human, financial and technical resources.

That is, the technical organization is the work of a group of people who seek in a coordinated way to achieve the goals of the organization. To do this, all activities are organized and grouped efficiently.

Undoubtedly, technical organization is achieved by assigning specific responsibilities to each of the participants. For this reason, the activities and the degree of responsibility that will be in charge of each of those involved are defined. Likewise, the time in which each activity should be carried out must be determined.

In this way, what is done is a programming of the process. The schedule defines the actions and the time required to perform them. A good programming of these actions allows the objectives of the technical process to be met.

Technical Organization 1
Technical organization

Phases of technical organization planning

Of course, the technical organization requires that all activities be managed in a technical structure. This, so that an adequate relationship can be maintained between all levels, all functions and all tasks. In this way, it is achieved that all human, material and financial resources are optimized to the maximum.

Additionally, to achieve the technical organization, it is necessary to previously carry out the planning process. In planning, a diagnosis is made, tasks are defined and important decisions are made.

The planning phases of the technical organization are:

1. First phase of technical organization

The most important thing in the first phase is to carry out a study to determine the feasibility of the project. For this, technical, financial and profitability studies are carried out. In the same way, the estimation of the required resources and the related costs is carried out.

2. Second phase of technical organization

Meanwhile, the second phase takes place when it has already been decided to carry out the project. Then, it is specified step by step how it should be carried out, starting with the preparation, planning and organization of the tasks. All this is essential to guarantee the success of the entire management.

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Technical organization
Tools you use

What tools are used in the technical organization

However, organizational techniques are tools that facilitate the development of the administrative process. Likewise, they allow the use of available resources to be optimized, through the application of principles and carrying out diagnoses that help to propose solutions. It is always done following an organizational model.

The following tools can be used in the technical organization:

1. Organization charts

Above all, organization charts graphically represent both the hierarchical and functional formal structure of an organization. The organizational chart shows the functions, levels of authority, hierarchical levels and existing interrelationships. Organization charts are also known as organization charts or organization charts.

2. Manuals

On the other hand, manuals are documents that contain detailed, orderly and systematic information about the organization of the company. According to their content, the manuals can be: organization, procedures and job description.

3. Procedures

Similarly, procedures are the tools used to establish the order and sequence that must be followed when performing a task or work. They are used especially when tasks or jobs are done repetitively.

4. Flow and process diagrams

Likewise, a flow chart is the representation by means of symbols and graphs of the logical sequence that must be followed when carrying out a set of activities. These diagrams can include documents and jobs involved, because they specify the procedures in detail.

5. Job distribution letters

Finally, job distribution letters are used to analyze the positions that make up a department or a work area. This is done with the purpose of achieving a better division of functions and optimizing the structure of the work teams.

In conclusion, it can be said that the technical organization is a way of managing the efforts of all the people who work in the technical process of an organization. This, in order to take advantage of the available resources of a company in the most efficient way possible. This organization must always agree with the objectives and goals that are expected to be achieved.

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