The 5,000 ATMs of the former Bankia undergo a metamorphosis due to the merger with CaixaBank | My money

Customers of the new CaixaBank have at their disposal some 13,000 ATMs throughout Spain, as a result of adding those of the Catalan-based entity, although based in Valencia, and the more than 5,000 corresponding to Bankia. Customers do not pay commissions for using these terminals since last March. But the big change is that the operating system of Bankia ATMs for a few days. They have left behind their characteristic green color of their interface and they have changed the way they are used to adapt to the new standards of the brand.

It is not a fundamental change, only in form, and it has been made progressive, according to the new CaixaBank. The 4.1 million clients of the former Bankia were used to using their bank’s ATMs and following certain instructions. Now they have changed, although essentially their operational capacity is the same and they can enjoy the widest network of ATMs without commissions of all Spanish banks.

CaixaBank announced at the end of last May the launch of the so-called project ATMNow, with the aim of offering the same level of quality, image and service in all its digital channels. Then, it foresaw that some 9,000 ATMs in its network would be adapted to the new image in July and anticipated that the ATMs of the old Bankia, about 5,200 at the end of last year, would be migrated to the new platform in the second semester. And so it is happening.

The entity assured that this new platform opens the way to the creation of new services. For example, it will be possible to have the preparation of operations through the app or on the web that they want to carry out later in the ATM automatically as soon as the user identifies himself. These new features are expected to be incorporated progressively.

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