The best rated players in the Spanish La Liga

Vinicius, Marcos Llorente, De Jong… Find out everything about the best players in La Liga Santander.

Soccer and the economy are closely related. Investments, transfers, salaries. The football we watch today has become much more than just a sport. Proof of this are the State clubs, who have shown that football and money will go hand in hand every day.

Another proof that this is the case could be sports betting.

Well, sports betting is another faithful proof of this that I comment. Since, despite the fact that 5 years ago these stores almost did not exist, today we see an infinity of options to be able to place your bet, as well as bet on what you want.

And, at this point in La Liga, analysts and users of the best bookmakers around the world not only focus on the favorite teams that each competition has, but also focus on the most outstanding players , those that are noticed and that, for this reason, make their value increase game by game on the field.

A good example of that is Vinicius Jr.

Vinicius Jr is a Brazilian player who plays for Real Madrid. After a very bad 2019, at the beginning of the year its value fell from 70 million to 30. However, this situation lasted until October, then, with the spectacular start of the league that the left winger has given to the white fans, its price It has not stopped increasing again, its current price being 50 million; that is, 20 million more.

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However, we are talking about a figure that is likely to continue increasing in the coming months.

The 50 million value of the Brazilian player places him in the nineteenth position among the most valuable players in the Santander League.

But in addition to the white signing, in Economipedia we tell you who else is part of the list of the best valued players in the Spanish League.

Let’s see!

Which players are the most valued in the Spanish League?

Among the most valued players in La Liga Santander, it should be noted that there is a goalkeeper and four midfielders.

At Economipedia we tell you all about the 5 most valuable players in the Spanish soccer league.

  1. Frankie de Jong (FC Barcelona)

The 24-year-old Dutch player, who wears the FC Barcelona shirt, arrived at the Catalan club in July 2019 from Dutch Ajax.

He arrived in Barcelona for a transaction of 86 million. After 110 games, 10 goals and 10 assists since wearing the Blaugrana shirt, the club that wants to take over his services will have to pay 90 million euros of its current value.

  • Marcos Llorente (Atlético de Madrid)

The second most valuable player in our league is Spanish, and the player of the current champion, Atlético de Madrid. With 80 million of market value, before the start of the season its price was 10 million less.

Llorente, who was trained in the quarry of the rojiblancos’ eternal rival, Real Madrid, arrived at his current club after a payment of 30 million euros in the 19/20 season.

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In a hypothetical exit, the rojiblanco club will profit in excess of the sale operation of the midfielder, son, grandson and nephew of historical Spanish football.

Perhaps with Pedri we are facing one of the players with the greatest projection not only in Spanish football, but also in international football.

FC Barcelona signed the 19-year-old player after an operation of 20 million in variable payments depending on the presence of the Canarian player in Barcelona. So far, Barça has only paid 7 million euros, being able to turn into 22.

Its current value is 80 million.

Casemiro arrived on loan to Real Madrid Castilla in the 12/13 season with a purchase option that the white club used in the following season for a price of 6 million, in the 13/14.

After giving the player to Portuguese Porto and since his return in 2016, the player has become an indisputable piece of the team, regardless of the coach who has occupied the white bench. His career since his arrival at the club has made him reach a market value of 70 million euros.

  • Jan Oblak (Atlético de Madrid)

For years now, the name of the Slovenian Jan Oblak has been on the lists of the best goalkeepers in the world.

After arriving at the rojiblanco club in a transaction of 16 million, between his current club and Portuguese Benfica in the 14/15 season, Oblak has become the goalkeeper with the highest market value in our League, that is, 70 million .

However, last year its value reached 100 million.

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