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Put in the center the customer experience and develop the calls soft skills in the people who make up the teams is now on the lips of all companies, but this trend is based on the hospitality industry. This is defended by the director of operations of Sommet Education, Fabien Fresnel, during the presentation of the recently renovated Glion campus, which belongs to the educational group and is considered the third best hospitality school in the world, according to the QS classification. “For this reason, what they learn here is not only useful for restoration, but is extrapolated to other sectors”, he develops.

Among the employers of the school stand out names that transcend the world of tourism and catering, such as Cartier, Hublot, JP Morgan. For Fresnel this is conditioned because brands begin to realize that their products are as important as all the experience that surrounds them. “When a customer goes to a dealership of Porsche he already knows that the most probable thing is that he will end up buying the car, but he wants to receive a good treatment, to be entertained when entering, to notice that he is in Porsche and not in any other brand ”, develops the manager.

At Glion, students go through all the positions within the sector: from making the beds and cleaning the rooms to management tasks. An aspect that for Fresnel is important not only so that they know how to do it, but because leadership needs humility: “They must know well what the work is like so that, later, they offer decent conditions to the employees.” Going through the school has a price of 160,000 Swiss francs (151,457 euros) in total, for the sum of the three and a half years that the degree lasts, although there are up to 10 different types of scholarships that cushion to a greater or lesser extent the cost of the enrollment.

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Students are also aware that what they learn during the degree program can be applied in any other environment. This is the case of the 19-year-old Spanish Manal Ahattas, who assures that she doubts between specializing in the organization of events and weddings or opting for the real estate, but it does not close doors. “Before, I wanted to be a dentist, but then I saw that this opens many doors for you. Going through here teaches you leadership, which is not only useful for this environment, but for any other career ”, he assures.

The student is only in her first year, but her maturity when communicating is surprising. It’s part of the learning process at Glion: speaking professionally, relating to a high standard, maximum punctuality … In fact, students, who live on campus, are required to wear uniforms at all times, even outside of class. Except for his rooms and the student club. The discipline that they instill in the school is another of the great attractions that employers see in these students.

The school has just inaugurated, on its campus in Switzerland, a restaurant for the general public, led by chef Stéphane Décotterd, who had two Michelin stars in his previous salon, Pont De Brent, located less than 10 kilometers from the current one . The newly opened Maison Décotterd It is part of the Relais & Chateaux association with a staunch defense of the local product.

The cook’s father was a butcher and they lived in a house with a garden, where they always collected plants to add to dishes, he says. The interest in food was practically inevitable, but even so, he recognizes that what he liked the most was not only tasting the delicacies they prepared, but everything that happened around the table. An experience that he now seeks to transmit from the hand of his wife, Stéphanie Décotterd, who studied hospitality and is in charge of room service, as in the previous restaurant. “For me, the most important thing is the smile and the well-being of the client,” says the expert. Ahattas also insists on the value of personal treatment when connecting with users: “The first impression is very important. You have to smile and show your best ”.

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Behind the pandemicThese issues will only become more relevant, says Stéphanie Décotterd, as she perceives that customers have become more demanding. “They want a more global experience. They go out less than before, but when they do they look for a unique experience ”, he concludes.

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