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Today, July 31, I leave Day fives, the newspaper that has hosted me since the summer of 1998. This blog, born in September 2008, also ends with a declaration of intent that the reader will be able to judge whether it has been fulfilled or not.

May this last post be used to express my deep gratitude to the readers of these 20 years (assuming that some have had so much patience) and my gratitude for the comments and clarifications, often a source of valuable information.

When I have had time I have spiced up the blog with photos of my harvest (not so much for their quality, sometimes negligible, as for winking at the headline). And the most enjoyable part, but no less laborious, has been the search for videos or songs that provide an audiovisual context. The list of Spotify from the EU upside down remains a task started but pending completion.

Along the way we have told you, from the pages of the newspaper and from this blog, business operations and tribulations in the financial or energy sectors, disputes over public accounts or decisions of the European court that have shaped the continent. Information has always sought truthfulness, although accuracy was not always achieved. And apologies to whoever has been stirred up by opinions that have tried to be considered and justified.

The stage that ends has passed through the illusion of the euro’s premiere, the vertigo of the enlargement towards Central and Eastern Europe, the frustrated European Constitution and, above all, by an endless social and economic crisis that has left the continent covered in sores and of healers with dangerous recipes for relief.

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The next course, as almost always in Brussels, is announced hot, with the countdown to the brexit, towards some european elections marked by Trumpism and, perhaps, towards the political relay Definitive of the generations that created the EU. There are reasons for concern but it is better to cling to optimism. Europe knows more from experience than from old. And it carries centuries of stumbling blocks but also an incalculable flow of culture, knowledge and wealth that have made it one of the spaces in the world with the highest rates of equality, solidarity and inclusion.

PS: I take this exit entry to send a tremendous hug to the dozens of colleagues and former colleagues of the newsroom of Five days, to whom I owe tons of affection, patience and help.

From tomorrow they welcome me in The country, a change that I take on with great enthusiasm and great respect for the professional size of one of the main newspapers in Europe. From Brussels I will continue to tell you about the EU of law. And the other way around.

Thank you and goodbye.


Good luck friend

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