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The personal brand offers an identity of its own and highlights the best that a freelancer can bring. It is, without a doubt, the most valuable card that a professional can play when it comes to making themselves known and differentiating themselves from the competition. When a freelancer presents his services to other companies or individuals, what he really offers is himself as part of the product. In the case of professionals in the service sector, this reality is more clearly exposed if possible.

Having someone put your trust in someone else to fix your car, put a filling, or defend you in court is based on the principle of trust. What a freelancer in the service sector sells does not look like a product, but you can think of it as if it were.

When a customer buys a car he wants it to fulfill a functional utility, such as travel, but at the same time to fulfill another series of functions, more or less directly. The vehicle gives peace of mind because it has security elements. It also implies time, since it represents savings compared to other means of public transport. Moreover, depending on the brand that is selected, it can carry other values ​​such as prestige, sophistication or progress.

Similarly, when a freelance professional is hired, in addition to having an implicit practical component, similar benefits are sought. Having a trusted hairdresser or makeup artist saves time and is a determining factor in achieving a satisfactory end result.

For a self-employed person to achieve prestige and improve personal brand, selling themselves as the best professional in the area in which they practice their profession, one of the keys is to make themselves known and make sure that the target audience identifies their differential value. To do this, it must be considered as a brand to promote, so that the potential client recognizes its name and associates it with values ​​of trust, prestige and security. Only then will you get them to choose you from a multitude of competitors.

Having your own website, with a blog where you can demonstrate that you have the experience and knowledge necessary for the client to want to hire your services is vital to differentiate yourself in an environment in which competition increases more and more and the possibilities of standing out depend to have a good story to tell and to find the channel through which to do it. Other tools such as a video or podcast channel are excellent alternatives because they allow almost direct contact with potential customers.

Among the advantages of having a strong personal brand, stand out from the competition and thus be selected by the client. The viralization of content also implies greater exposure. By associating the personal brand with prestige and trust, entry barriers are broken and it manages to reach new audiences and, in addition, raise rates and increase revenues.

To achieve this, the key lies in the training and in the dissemination of knowledge, since it not only allows you to become a better professional but it will also make more people know it. Training implies a medium-term investment but it will surely become a profitable component within the career of a self-employed person.

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