Tips for filing your income tax in Spain, even if you have already submitted it

Whether you have already filed your return, or if you have not yet done so, you should know that you still have the opportunity to check if you have the best result and ensure that you save as much as possible!

It is likely that the main reason you are reading this is to save as much as possible on your income statement. But, if you allow us some advice, the most important thing is to do it well and on time.

What if I have already filed my return?

Even if you have already presented it, it is advisable to check again if you have obtained the best result, because if you can improve it, you have the right to present the income statement again with this new result. Saving more money.

Until June 30, you can file your return with the Tax Agency and improve the result without any problem.

Before, practically no one simulated the declaration twice. Why? Well, because reviewing the return meant going back through all the paperwork again and in some cases it can be a daunting task.

But what if you could simulate filing for free and in just 10 minutes?

The TaxDown application guarantees you the best result in your return. And you can check it for free.

If the same result comes out, great, you did a good job! But if it comes out better now than in the return you filed, you can file it with TaxDown and save the difference.

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If you access through the following link, you can simulate the declaration completely free. And in the event that a better result than the previous one comes out and you want to present it, the cost of TaxDown will be only 25 euros for having accessed from this link on Economipedia.

How is the process to file the tax return in TaxDown?

Once you have accessed through the button above, the process is very easy and you do not need any prior tax knowledge. You just need the PIN with which you access the Treasury and answer a few simple questions.

Usually you have to answer between 6 and 9 questions, but TaxDown has designed an algorithm that can ask you up to 15 questions, with the aim of gathering as much information as possible and thus helping you save.

A well-made statement will save you money and, even more important, a lot of worries down the road. If you make a mistake, even if it is without intention to defraud, it is very likely that the Treasury will sanction you. And to avoid this, it is recommended that your income statement is reviewed by a tax expert, such as TaxDown, who does it with all the security guarantees and with the confidence of being an official collaborating company of the Tax Agency.

A trusted tax expert, in addition to ensuring that you make your return correctly, will verify that you take advantage of all possible tax benefits.

Still, many people do not turn to tax experts for this purpose. Why? Because it is not cheap. However, thanks to digitization and artificial intelligence, it is now possible to have a reliable, inexpensive and easy solution led by experts.

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