Tips for getting extra income to get through the pandemic

It has been more than a year since the pandemic began and for many people the period of social isolation has also meant a reduction or loss of family income. To get around the crisis, Brazilians are reinventing themselves in order to keep their accounts up to date, not get into debt, and who knows, to add some extra money.

In February of this year, Serasa Experian interviewed 2,059 people to talk about income and finances in the pandemic. For half of those interviewed, spending in the last year increased and for 38% there was a reduction in income. Also according to the survey, the population of the CDE classes, especially women, are the ones who suffer most from the crisis.

As it is more difficult to pay basic bills, such as electricity, rent and food, one of the great challenges for this portion of the population is not to get a dirty name to continue having credit in the market and thus go through the moment with more peace of mind.

See some extra income source tips

In the pandemic, for many people, what could be a source of extra income ended up becoming a business that the person will take for life, as they found in the crisis a way to reinvent, rediscover or change their lives.

But make no mistake, so that a source of extra income doesn’t become a headache, you need to plan and take it easy. Check out ways to have an extra source of income, if no or little investment for you to get out of the suffocation and keep your balance in the blue.

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1 – Sell products and items that you no longer use online
Everyone has clothes, shoes and accessories at home that they no longer use. But the bazaars do not live only on personal items. You can sell the stationary bike, musical instruments, books, electronics, furniture and much more.

When advertising products over the internet, always check how much the website or platform will charge for the service, whether the negotiation is made by the platform or between the advertiser and the buyer, shipping and other information that could compromise your sale.

Check out some sites to sell products on the internet:

• OLX: You can sell everything on this site, from furniture, cars to gym equipment. The platform is free and only charges for services such as advertisements and featured spaces on the site.

• Enjoei: famous for the detachment of clothes, shoes and accessories, in the app, you can find a multitude of products, such as decoration and other objects. The platform charges a percentage on the sale that varies according to the price of the product.

• Virtual Bookshelf: this is for those who have books and want to let go or buy these cheaper items. The site brings together bookstores and used bookstores from all over Brazil and you can find everything from national literature to technical and scientific books. To advertise, it is necessary to purchase one of the plans offered by the site.

2 – Driving by transport apps
Mobility is one of the needs of people who live in big cities and need to get around. If you have a car, being an app driver can be a source of extra income, but you need to be aware of some information before joining any passenger transport platform.

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Getting your car to run around town also costs money. You have fuel, car wear and tear, any accidents, fines and other fees that need to be accounted for.
In addition, the apps also charge a percentage of the value of each trip, which varies by platform. So make sure these fees are really profitable.

3 – Sell food
Having fairy hands in the kitchen is not for everyone. But selling sweets, snacks or lunchboxes requires investment and care when getting your hands dirty. When preparing food and putting it up for sale, you need to calculate the raw material price and operating costs so you don’t lose money.

To calculate the value of your product, also include values ​​for electricity, gas, water. In addition, it is necessary to calculate the time spent, packaging and other items that are included in the production and sale of food. Sebrae offers information and tips to help you earn money selling food.

4 – Offer private lessons
If you have a talent or skill, offering tutoring in person or over the internet can be a good source of income that requires little investment, as you will be teaching something you have already mastered.

No options, from tutoring, language lessons, musical instruments as well as cooking and handicrafts. For this source of extra income to work, set up an agenda to keep track of students, whether you need time to correct activities or answer students’ questions.

In addition, to transmit to others what is so natural for you, be patient and didactic to teach clearly.

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5 – Walking with pets
This is a tip for those who love animals, especially dogs. These pets need to expend energy and in most cases live in apartments where there is not enough space for the activity.

There are applications on the internet that connect pet owners with people who are available to walk dogs. The service is usually charged by the hour and varies by region.

Remember that this is an activity that requires a lot of care and responsibility. When walking with dogs around the city, it is necessary to be aware of traffic, pedestrians and other situations that can happen and put your life and that of your pet at risk.

Did you like the tips? So follow our YouTube channel and see other ways to earn extra income and save money, so you can plan better and get your plans out of the paper.

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