Tips to better manage personal finances

Have a good handle on your personal finance It will allow you to enjoy a stable economy with growth potential. But do you know how to be in control of them?

Tips for improving your personal finances

The following tips will help you take better control of your finances. You will soon be able to see the result of your responsibility and effort.

  • Take financial education courses

financial education

To successfully manage your finances, you need to know the basics of your finances. This knowledge will allow you, for example, to know in which bank to apply for a loan or credit because it has a better interest rate; when is the best time to exchange currencies; what percentage of your money should you spend on each thing, etc. If you are unable to enroll in a course, there is also the option to read books, magazines or online publications on the subject.

  • Check your credit regularly

credit review regularly.

Take control of your own finances; For this, nothing better than registering with the SBS to find out your credit history for free and even get alerts in case of strange movements in your credit activity.

  • Work on your personal budget

work on a personal budget.

Know how much you earn and how much you spend each month. Knowing this balance will allow you to recognize which are the unnecessary expenses that you make and that do not allow you to save for tomorrow or for those things that you want to do and cannot due to lack of liquidity. You will be surprised how many ant expenses a person who does not know his personal monthly budget can have.

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pay debts

The best way to master your finances is to stop paying debt. So come up with a plan to help you pay them off as soon as possible. This should be your priority if you have bad debt, as you need a good credit history to access more financial benefits.

If you have the total amount to pay, of your debt, we recommend our program Pool, through which we collectively negotiate the full payment of your debt, to obtain more benefits for you, for example, pay less commission or interest. Contact us to know more about it!

save money

Finally, we recommend that you always save a percentage of your monthly income. By making your personal budget you will know how much money you can allocate each month for this purpose. Ideally, you should save at least 10% of your monthly income.

Now that you know how to better manage your personal finances, remember that alDía we have financial advisors who can help you have better control of your money. Contact us for more information!

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