Tips to detect and eliminate them

Imagine the following: you have read all the requirements you need to get a credit or a loan and you meet them. Then, he goes to the financial institution from which he wants to request this service and this, after making an evaluation in its database, tells him that he does not qualify because he has a debt report in Infocorp. And, when you ask what it is about, it happens that a few years ago you changed your telephone operator and did not cancel a minimum amount (s / 20 perhaps) of your last receipt. Now this debt, which did not involve a collection method by your old operator, and of which you were not aware, has prevented you from taking out the loan or credit you need. This is not all, it has tainted your credit history.

Everything you need to know about ghost debts at Infocorp

phantom debts in Infocorp

The previous example is a clear case of a phantom debt. But what is it exactly? A phantom debt is a debt of less than S / 200 that we left unpaid for some time (because we do not know it exists or because we forgot it), it affects our credit history and generally, we identify it when we are going to request a service.

No one who is not 100% aware of their personal finances is safe from having phantom debt on their history, so here we help you detect and resolve them.

How to detect a ghost debt?

detect a phantom debt

Don’t wait until you need a financial service to realize you have ghost debt. The best way to be aware of all the ones you may have had is by accessing your debt report.

Although it is true, the SBS can provide information on debts with financial entities, Infocorp’s data is broader, so it also records commercial debts, debts with government entities, services, among others. To access the Infocorp debt report, it is necessary to pay for this right on the company’s website.

How to eliminate an unpaid debt?

How to eliminate unpaid debt

The only way to eliminate ghost debts is to pay them off. This means that you must approach the entity to which you owe money to settle your debt. Then, we advise you to manage your letter of no debt and take it to Infocorp to notify that you have canceled your pending debt. This, however, will not be enough for you to be a candidate for loans and credit again, since the lack will already be in your record and will remain there for 5 years.

What can you do if you’ve already paid off your debt and don’t want to wait that long?

For those who have had this problem, or overdue debts that have been liquidated, there are programs such as REINSERTA by AlDía. It is a plan that allows you to get a new loan, leaving a liquid guarantee. That way you can build a credit history from scratch in less time. Are you interested in learning more about this program? Contact us so that our advisors can help you!

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