Unique selling proposition – What is it, definition and concept | 2022

That is to say, it is a small statement that is generally placed under the brand logo and that helps to position the company, the brand or the product. Additionally, it helps the potential customer make their purchase decision in an easier way.

Undoubtedly, for the unique selling proposition to be efficient, it must mainly communicate to the potential customer that, if they buy a certain product, they will obtain a specific benefit. Likewise, the benefit offered is a benefit that the competition cannot provide to the customer. Only then can it be considered to work as a unique selling proposition.

Of course, this gives it the attribute that it works as a unique and singular proposal, making the company stand out from the competition and acquire a competitive advantage. With that advantage, the proposal will be able to attract many potential clients. These potential customers subsequently decide to buy the goods and services that the company sells to them.

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How should the unique selling proposition be developed?

It is important to mention that the unique selling proposition is developed with the purpose of persuading the potential customer to buy the products offered by our company and not the products of the competition. For this reason, when formulating the unique selling proposal, the following points should be considered:

  • The proposal must clearly offer a unique benefit that is useful to the consumer.
  • The way to communicate the idea must be direct so that it allows the potential client to easily remember it.
  • The sentence of the proposal must be brief and concise. It is recommended that this sentence not be longer than fifteen words.
  • The needs of the consumer and their consumption preferences must be the elements that serve as the basis for the unique selling proposition.
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What should be taken into account to formulate the unique selling proposition?

Every company that formulates its unique selling proposal aims to ensure that its products are perceived as unique in the market or in the market segment where it competes. Due to this, the proposal should always seek to focus on a benefit that distinguishes it from competitors.

For this reason, before formulating the proposal, the first thing that is done is to listen to the potential clients that make up the market target group. In this way, they express what they really need and want in the products. This, given that they may not find a solution within the market. With this information, a unique selling proposition can be formulated.

The elements that must be taken into account to formulate the proposal are:

  • Product characteristics: At this point the attributes, benefits and functions of the product are analyzed. But, giving priority to any feature that makes it unique and different from the competition.
  • Product quality: Of course, the quality of the product is considered under the perception that the consumer has. In this element we base ourselves on the expectations that the client has about the product.
  • Price of the product: The price of the product is considered based on the target market group. Therefore, the product could be positioned as a low-priced product or as a high-priced or premium category product.
Unique Selling Proposition 1 1
unique selling proposition
What is taken into account to formulate it?

Recommendations to do it

The most important recommendations are:

  • Formulate the proposal according to the client: Each customer has different needs, desires and expectations regarding a product. The proposal must be adapted to the needs and purchasing power of the target group.
  • Analyze the competition: It is essential to know who you are competing against. Both the direct and indirect competitors of our products must be considered, to know how they are satisfying the customer’s need.
  • Take into account relevant information: The idea is to be able to find and communicate a unique advantage that is difficult for the competition to imitate. This will make it appropriate for the potential customer to be driven to buy.
Unique Selling Proposition 2
unique selling proposition
Recommendations to do it

Examples of some unique selling propositions that have been successful

Some of the successful examples include:

  • M&Ms: They melt in your mouth, not in your hand.
  • Walmart: Low prices always.
  • PrimaPrix: Provide the best brands at the best prices

Questions to answer when formulating the Unique Selling Proposition

The main questions we must ask ourselves to formulate a Unique Selling Proposition are:

  • How do I define the product?
  • What advantages does the product have?
  • What is the customer problem does this product solve?
  • What impact does the product have on customers?

In conclusion, it can be stated that the unique selling proposition is a simple phrase that offers a unique benefit that other competitors cannot offer. Which becomes the main reason why they should buy our products and not those of the competition. This proposal is presented as a simple and easy to remember idea.

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