What is CEO? What is the role of this professional? check it out here

The term CEO comes from English and is pronounced CI-IO. The acronym stands for Chief Executive Officer and stands for Executive Director. Its role varies according to the size, type and structure of the company, but it is linked to the prosperity of the business.

In addition, the CEO, usually a senior-level professional, is responsible for the company’s strategic vision and has a managerial role. But do you know what skills it takes to be a CEO within a company? Understand your role within the company in the post.

What is the role of the CEO within the company?

As we explained, the CEO, the highest position within a company, is responsible for the strategic vision of the business. In emerging companies, such as startups, the CEO follows and participates in all the daily activities of the business. In larger corporations, the CEO is in contact with other executives from different areas within the company.

Among the functions of this professional are:

• Develop and conduct the company’s vision, mission and objectives;

• Be the spokesperson for the company’s organizational culture;

• Direct the company’s next steps through strategic planning;

• Take care, together with directors and shareholders, of the company’s health;

• Implement or modify processes within the company or sectors;

Representing and relating to external audiences.

How is a company’s CEO chosen?

The choice of the professional who will occupy the position of CEO depends on the type of company. In private companies, which are not publicly traded, the CEO is usually one of the founding partners or a professional in the market who is hired to hold the position.
In the case of public companies, the decision is stricter, because when they go public, the decision is taken by the shareholders, who are represented by the Administrative Council. This group is made up of people from inside and outside the company and they are the ones who choose the new CEO.

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What are the skills needed to be a CEO?
As we’ve seen, the responsibilities of a CEO are many, and to conquer this role you also need to have skills that match the role. If you want to one day win this position or are in it and want to be a better professional, know what skills to work.

1- Broad view of the business:

Imagine that your boss asks for your help in solving a problem that is compromising the entire industry. If you have no idea, even if minimal, about the company’s business, culture, operation, services or products, you will hardly be able to help the manager.

Therefore, to be a CEO, it is essential to know in detail and in depth how the company is doing, what it aims for and how it intends to achieve its goals, understanding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of the business.

2- Be the personification of the company:

Think of people like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, CEOs of Facebook and Apple, respectively. They are basically the face of these companies. In other words, they believe in their business, explain the advantages and benefits and know the essence of their companies.

A professional who occupies the position of CEO within a company is the spokesperson for that business. Therefore, in addition to knowing and understanding the company, you need to believe in it.

3- Knowing how to communicate:

When it comes to corporate communication, public speaking is one of the most important characteristics. But in addition to knowing how to express themselves well, the CEO is the professional who has the ability to publicize the company, its products and services in a clear, transparent and understandable way and to the greatest number of people.
From employees, managers, directors and shareholders, the CEO must be understood by everyone who participates in the universe of that company, directly and indirectly. Thus, clarity and mastery of information are essential for this professional who is the spokesperson for the business.

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4- Have emotional intelligence:

Emotional intelligence is one of the skills most needed in the business world. It is linked to the ability of human beings to deal with their weaknesses, qualities, feelings and knowing how to put themselves in the other’s shoes to deal with situations in a healthy way.

This skill is linked to mental health and, therefore, regardless of the position you occupy or seek, it is important to know how to dose your professional and personal life, in addition to seeking activities outside the work environment to make you more relaxed and less stressed.

5- Be willing to take risks:

Hardly, an idea is born ready or will not undergo changes over time. Therefore, the CEO is a professional who is open to new proposals and can analyze scenarios quickly and consistently.

For this, he is always learning, does not settle down and uses his skills to make decisions and act, knowing that he wants to take risks is part of the position he occupies.

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