What is the SBS debt report?

The Superintendency of Banking and Insurance, known by its acronym SBS, is the entity in charge of regulating and supervising the “Financial, Insurance and Private Pension Systems, as well as preventing and detecting money laundering and terrorist financing.”(SBS, nd).

The SBS also offers different services to the citizen, for example, the provisional situation report and the SBS debt report. It is about the latter that we want to talk to you about in this post.

SBS Debt Report what is it?

debt report

The SBS debt report is, as its name suggests, a report that shows the credits and loans that a person has acquired with companies in the financial system. The report is displayed on a monthly basis and, in addition, presents the rating that the user has before the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance.

Next, we solve some of the most frequent doubts about the SBS debt report:

Why do you need to know the SBS debt report?

know the debt report

Because that way you will be able to identify if there is an error in the information that the SBS has about you. For example, your report could show some debt that is settled, as well as unpaid, and correcting this error is important so that your credit rating is not adversely affected. It is also important to know the report to be alert to possible fraud situations; For example, if your report includes a loan or credit application that you have not made.

SBS debt report, how to obtain it?

get the SBS debt report

Unlike the reports of some credit bureaus, in Peru, which charge for the information, in the case of the SBS, access to said material is free. It can even be requested online through its website, for which you only need your ID. The report can also be consulted by a representative or attorney-in-fact of the owner.

What happens if you detect an error in your debt report?

error in debt report

If this is the case, you must file the corresponding claim with the financial entity that has reported the information that you consider erroneous. For example, if Bank “X” has not updated that you have paid off your debt, you should approach the bank in question to complain for not having submitted this information. The complaint can also be submitted to the SBS so that this entity can evaluate the infraction committed by the financial institution and apply the corresponding sanction.

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