What procedures should I carry out to erase my Infocorp debts?

For different reasons, sometimes we cannot pay our debts on time. This causes the financial institution to report the delinquency to credit bureaus, such as Infocorp, which affects our credit history.

The Infocorp debts In themselves, they are not bad, but rather the delay in the payment of these, since then they will make it more difficult for financial entities to lend us money or provide us with credits. In this publication we want to help you know what to do once you have paid off your debt to stop appearing with a bad rating on Infocorp.

How to erase Infocorp debts?

erase Infocorp debts

The first thing you should know is that there is no magic formula to erase your Infocorp debts From overnight. What you must do, to start recovering your credit rating, is to pay the money you owe, that is, pay off your debt. Once you pay your debt, the financial institution that lent you the money or that gave you the credit will send the update of your payment to the credit bureaus. If the entity does not do so, you can do so by previously requesting your letter of no debit.

How do I notify Infocorp that I am up to date on my debt?

How do I notify Infocorp that I am up to date on my debt

The no debit letter, provided free of charge by your bank (upon request), will help you update your information with Infocorp. You just have to take this letter to the credit registry and submit a simple request to update your information. After submitting your documents, the risk center will contact your creditor to confirm the information you provided and that’s it.

How do I pay off my outstanding debt?

I cancel my pending debt

To cancel your pending debt, you just have to approach the financial institution to which you owe money to regularize your situation. However, this is not the only option. There are entities, such as Al Día, where we group people with the same need as you (pay off their debts) in order to massively negotiate higher benefits for their payment (for example, pay less interest).

Currently, we have two programs that may interest you. My board It is your best option if you still need time to collect the total money you owe; while our program Pool It is the best option if you already have this amount. Contact us for more information!

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