What to do to change jobs?

Perhaps you have ever felt that you have reached your goal within your company and you have the need to close the cycle in that space. Then, it is time to start looking for other professional options in which to start a new stage.

The first step you must take when changing jobs is to update your professional resume professional resume so that it is in line with what is expected by recruiters, here is a tool that can help you do it. And it’s not just about updating your cell phone number or putting a new photo, it’s about making a new design and effective distribution of data. The need to make a good resume arises from making it more competitive and attractive in the eyes of HR recruiters.

Traditional curriculum versus current curriculum

Traditional resumes used to contain all the very detailed personal and professional information. This was taken to the extreme that if the person had completed several specializations, workshops, courses or had a lot of experience, their resume could exceed 4 pages. Current curricula require precision, brevity and order. For this, it is essential to highlight the truly relevant information for the company.

In the personal data it is customary to place the name, surnames, cell phone and an email. It is important that the number that is placed is always answered, since recruiters do not usually call the same candidate twice. On the other hand, the email that is placed must be formal, preferably created with the name and surname, never with nicknames or nicknames.

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In the training data, it is relevant to give preference to the last three higher degrees obtained such as bachelor’s degrees, postgraduate degrees, master’s degrees, doctorates, etc. If you do not have complete titles, place until which semester of the career you reached. It is important to place the name of the institution where the studies were completed and the year of completion.

Additional information in a good resume

As for the courses, it is essential to place only those that are related or linked to the position or the type of company to which we are applying. Similarly, the experience that is placed on the resume must be related to the position and the objectives of the company, since it is only the one that will be taken into account when calling you for an interview in the next step.

Information that is useful in all curricula is the command of the foreign language and the written and conversational level that we have. It is a fact that should not be missing because it makes you stand out among the other candidates and is always well seen by recruiters.

Another aspect that should be included is the additional skills and competencies that they can contribute to the corporate objectives. Some examples are: proactivity, creativity, empathy, resilience and effectiveness. Likewise, if you have obtained any recognition or award in a related area, it is important to point it out.

Currently, there are a wide variety of very attractive designs and templates to create updated resumes, which serve as a guide and are easily adapted to the needs of the user. Similarly, care must be taken not to overdo it so that the information is not lost among the visual resources. The simpler the presentation of the resume, the more effective and successful it will be.

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