What you should look for when hiring an accounting consultant

Whether you run a company or are self-employed, placing your trust in a accounting advice It provides you with multiple advantages. One of the most valued by users is undoubtedly that of saving time, although the one that is summarized in being totally safe and calm in reference to knowing that the various fiscal obligations are being fulfilled is not far behind.

To obtain these types of advantages and many others, it is essential that you get it right when you hire an accounting consultant. Today the list of alternatives is vast, so you may have difficulty choosing one. In that case, do not hesitate to apply the following keys.


If the price in itself has always had a special relevance, more so now in the midst of the economic crisis generated by COVID-19. If you also give this factor the importance it deserves, don’t worry: it’s not an expensive service, far from it.

Gone are the times when you had to spend a considerable amount of money month after month. As a result of the high level of competition, there are very good accounting consultancies that provide an excellent service for a price of only 29.95 euros per month.

Contract without permanence

Perhaps when you find a price as attractive as the one recently mentioned, you think that in return you will have to deal with some clause that is not too favorable at the contractual level. Indeed, we refer to a possible permanence.

Although not many accounting firms apply them, there are some that do. Make sure you opt for those that offer you complete freedom, allowing you to dispense with their services without penalty in case for one reason or another you prefer not to continue with it.

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Large and multidisciplinary team

It is important that the accounting consultancy you opt for has many professionals on its staff. So there will always be someone from your team ready to assist you when you need it. Although not only the number matters, but also of course the quality of the members that are part of that company.

In this sense, one of the aspects that most affect the quality of professionals is related to versatility. If you are dealing with a multidisciplinary team that, for example, is capable of dealing with tax, labor and even legal concepts, you will know that you will be dealing with specialists who are worth trusting.

A clear example of a team that is multidisciplinary is one that is capable of carrying out actions as different from each other as processing registrations with Social Security, always filing taxes on time and giving legal advice to say goodbye to any legal problem. .


Of course, there is another aspect that you should not overlook if you want to be successful when choosing an accounting firm. We talk about the accumulated experience. Mentioning a specific figure is complicated, but make sure that the company you choose has already been working in this sector for more than ten years.


Finally, take advantage of the facilities that the Internet gives you to browse in search of opinions. And it is that everything commented so far is of little use if, at the moment of truth, the clients are not fully satisfied with the services provided by the accounting consultancy.

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Opt for the one with a fairly high average score, equaling or exceeding 4.5 stars out of a possible maximum of five in total. In this way, your company or your accounts as a freelancer will be taken care of by fully reliable advice that will always be at your disposal.

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