When and how to withdraw my AFP 2021

At the beginning of May, a law was enacted authorizing the extraordinary withdrawal of up to 4 UIT from the AFP. Despite the fact that the law was issued at the beginning of the month, the request for retirement can only be made from this May 27, following the schedule of each pension fund.

Here we tell you more about the extraordinary retirement of the AFP

Frequent doubts about the extraordinary retirement of AFP 2021

frequent doubts about the withdrawal of AFP

Thanks to the extraordinary withdrawal of the AFP, people can now withdraw up to 4 UIT from their pension fund, which translates into up to 17,600 soles. Here we solve the most frequent doubts about the retirement of the AFP so that you can solve them.

How to withdraw money from your AFP?

withdraw money from AFP

You do not need to approach the AFP to request the withdrawal of your fund. Your AFP has enabled an online space for this purpose, which must have been communicated to the email with which you registered your pension fund. Check your inbox or follow the official social networks or publications of your AFP to find the link to enter your application!

How long does it take AFP to disburse my money?

time it takes to disburse the AFP

After entering your data online, the AFP will validate them and if you qualify, it will disburse the payments according to the deadlines that the Law has dictated. For example, if your fund allows you to withdraw up to 4 UIT, the deposit will be made in three parts, the first disbursement, which corresponds to 1 UIT within the first 30 days after submitting your request; the second, 30 days after the first disbursement, and will also correspond to 1 UIT. Finally, the third disbursement, of 2 UIT, will be made one month after the second disbursement. If your fund does not exceed 1 UIT, the total disbursement will be made in a single deposit 30 days after your request is submitted.

When should I submit my application?

The application entry calendar begins on May 27. The following chart will help you to know what day it is to submit your application:

AFP application dates

What to do with your AFP money?

AFP money

There are many things you can do with the money you withdraw, here are some suggestions that will improve your finances.

  • Pay off your debts.
  • Pay for your studies or those of your children.
  • Affording health insurance for yourself or your family.
  • Invest in your own business.
  • Invest in the stock market, mutual funds or similar.

Pay off your debts with the money from your AFP. At alDía we help you!

If you have decided to withdraw money from your AFP to pay off your debts, we advise you to join one of our programs. For example, our Pool plan allows you to pay off all your past due debts, with a single payment, with better conditions and benefits, because we negotiate your debt in a massive way. In addition, once your debt is settled, we help you with the no-debt letter. And, if you need it, we offer you the REINSERT program through which you can regain your financial health, get out of the Infocorp blacklist and become an attractive candidate for future loans and credits. Contact us if you want to know more about our programs!

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